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Quotes / Never Going Back to Prison

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Bolin: Give up, Ghazan! You can't win!
Ghazan: I'm never going back to prison! If I'm going down today, you're coming with me! [Ghazan collapses the cave they're standing in]

Dom: [You ever] Do time?
Brian: Couple of overnighters. No big deal.
Dom: What about those two years you did in juvie for boosting cars? Tucson, right? I had Jesse run a little background check on you, Mr. Brian Earl Spilner. He can find anything on the web, anything about anyone. So, why bullshit?
Brian: So what about you?
Dom: Two years in Lompoc. I'll die before I go back.

Man, I'm feeling real good to be out of this motherfucker. You know what, there's a sign on the other side of this gate that says "Never Again" and that's the only thing I want to take with me from this place.
Avon Barksdale, just after being released from prison, The Wire

Quentin King: There's a couple of cops sitting over by the bar, talking to the manager. They've been there for awhile. Probably a liquor license thing. How about I bring them over here and we talk about the terms of your parole? [King starts to get up]
Michael: [Pulls a gun on King and sits him down] This is what happens. You're going to get us out of here, because I like Miami, and I'm not going back to jail. So if those cops even look at me, I'm going to see how many slugs I can put in your liver before they take me down. I've got my money on four, you want to take the over or the under?

Your butt belongs to us, Wolverine. We caught you, we trained you and we rebuilt you to be the security service's number one killing machine. It's time you learned that the only way anyone leaves Weapon X is in a bodybag, son.
Colonel Wraith, Ultimate X-Men

If there's money involved, we're gonna do this by the books. I'm not going to jail again.
Richard, Unikitty!

Colby: What were you thinking, trying to shoot it out with the cops?
Carter: I was thinking, "I'm gonna die before I go back to jail".
NUMB3RS, "Trust Metric"

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