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Quotes / Mother Russia Makes You Strong

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"That was no American. It was a Russian who was born there by mistake"
General Nikolai Alexandrovich Zakharov, The Punisher MAX

"I really don't know from where you guys get the nerve."
"From a long, hard winter, Mr. President."
—President Bartlet and the Russian Ambassador, The West Wing

(in Russian) "You think the cold bothers me?! I WASH MY BALLS IN ICE WATER! THIS IS WARM!!"
Valery, The Sopranos ("Pine Barrens")

"Have you ever been to Kiev?! The Cakemaker of Kiev could whoop all our asses! This is The Butcher!"
Hardison, Leverage

"The cut was enthusiastically squirting out pints of Fedor's blood, but why should Fedor care? Face bleeding is how you communicate in Russia when the wolves are too noisy to talk over."

Tatiana: In Russia we wake up every morning by plunging into ice-cold rivers. It makes our people healthy! Here, eat!
Sandra: Gruel again? Can't we have pastries for once?
Tatiana: No, we're on a budget! Gruel is why Russian children are so strong!
Sandra: You know, one day I'm going to Google all the stuff you say about Russia.
Tatiana: Ha! In Russia we use Yahoo! Google is for the weak!


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