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Story and comic quotes (contains unmarked spoilers)

"Millions of years ago, Shinnok, one of the Elder Gods, turned on his fellow deities and invaded the Earthrealm. Raiden and the Elder Gods stopped Shinnok. Locked him up in the Netherrealm. Others followed in Shinnok's footsteps... like Outworld's emperor Shao Kahn, who was obsessed with conquering Earthrealm. So Raiden convinced the Elder Gods to enact the Mortal Kombat tournament as a way to even the odds... give Earthrealm a chance. For generations, Shao Kahn followed the Elder Gods' rules. The war moved to the arena, where he sent his toughest fighters to challenge Raiden's greatest defenders in Mortal Kombat. Two years ago we beat him. But Shao Kahn wasn't ready to lose. He violated the rules of Mortal Kombat and invaded Earthrealm. Most of Earth's defenders — our friends — were killed. Turned into evil undead warriors. Despite the odds, we stopped Shao Kahn's invasion. As punishment, the Elder Gods destroyed him. We thought the long nightmare was over. But it turns out that Shinnok had been manipulating events: Shao Kahn's invasion... His death... All part of Shinnok's plan to escape the Netherrealm, and resume his war on the Elder Gods."
— Johnny Cage

    Comic Issues #1- 12 

Issue #1

Hanzo: I sought warriors who lost their families in the Netherrealm war. Sole survivors, like me. You helped me out of the darkness. Now I help them.

Kenshi: I was running a deep cover mission hunting the Red Dragon's cult leader—Daegon. A real heart of darkness job. Suffice to say, my cover was blown. For weeks I cranked a generator to charge a satellite phone that never rang. Only one personnote  had the number.\\She told me the Red Dragon had sent a message claiming that I had a son living in Thailand, and the facts added up. I raced, didn't care if it was a trap, but in the back of my mind I knew I couldn't be fast enough.
[Cut to the fight between Suchin and the Red Dragon mooks] (...)
Kenshi: Suchin was smart. She sent the boy away. It's better that he never saw the scene. The neighbors helped me find him in the next town.

Kenshi: Everyone wrestles with demons, Takeda. Hanzo conquered Scorpion years ago.

Kenshi: If [Takeda] knew Suchin was murdered, he'd run away looking for revenge... and find death. He thinks his mother's death was an accident, for now.
Hanzo: Lying to him won't make him trust you.
Kenshi: But it will protect him. You of all people know what happens when you devote yourself to vengeance without discipline.

Hanzo: You're a survivor, Takeda. Like me. But Shirai Ryu do not run. We FIGHT.

Issue 2

Hanzo (to Takeda): You're faster than him, that's true, but instead of using that advantage to strike at your first opportunity, you played around. If you won't train like a warrior, we'll carry you into the wild and let Mother Nature test your skills. Out there, playing around will get you killed.

Hanzo (to Fox and Takeda): I received an unexpected visitor today. Unexpected and unwelcome.
[Cut to flashback]
Raiden: I'm sorry to intrude, Hanzo. You safeguarded the dagger I gave you. Good.
Hanzo: Did you come here to audit me?
Raiden: No, I'm here to warn you. The Netherrealm invasion damaged cosmic barriers that protect Earth from realms beyond. Before I could repair them, something broke through. A powerful demon from another realm. This being seeks to disarm Earthrealm's champions—and there are fewer of you than there was once.
Hanzo: Whose fault do you suppose that is?
Raiden: I must warn the others. Beware the one who walks in silence.
[Cut back to the present]
Hanzo: He's a liar and a fool, but when Raiden pais you a visit, people are going to die. If this "demon" shows up, don't dance around it. Kill it before it kills you.

Issue 3

Fox: Scorpion spent years struggling to control his vengeful spirit. Now that he's lost yet another family, imagine what he'll become.

Fox: Hanzo chose every fighter he trained... except for you [Takeda]. You're not a warrior. You're a runner. If you thought Hanzo was a harsh master before, wait until you meet the real Scorpion.

Issue 4

Sonya Blade: You picked a bad day to visit.
Kotal Kahn: As your people say... desperate times call for desperate measures. I have been at war with Mileena... for ten years. That fight for the throne... has ravaged Outworld, we are diminished. Mileena is in league with the Red Dragon here in Earthrealm. I come to eradicate them... with the aid of my deadliest warriors, D'Vorah and Erron Black. Aid us, or Earthrealm will suffer Outworld's fate.

Issue 6

Kotal Kahn: Ages ago... the realm of Osh-Tekk was ruled by proud warriors. Helmed by my father, Kotal K'etz, we conquered all enemies. Growing so wealthy and powerful, we forgot the meaning of "defeat". Until the day we met Shao Kahn, emperor of Outworld and his champion Goro, prince of Shokan. I thought my father a coward that day...
[Cut to dialogue]
Shao Kahn: In recognition of your obedience and service to me, you may keep your treasure.
Kotal Kahn: You sacrificed our peoples' dignity... for a gem?
Kotal K'etz: It is not a gem. It is a portal stone. It is time for you to fulfill the rite of realmwalk. Survive the harsh Earthrealm atmosphere... and you inherit my helm.
Kotal Kahn: What good is your helm? You just relinquished it to a conqueror.
Kotal K'etz: If you'll hear not their advice, hear this: the people of Earth are locked in eternal war. You are not ready to join their fight.
[Cut to present]
Kotal Kahn: Surviving in Earthrealm was daunting. When my legs would go no further, I reflected on my father's words: "You are not ready". Perhaps he was not warning me... but challenging me to conquer this place. I journeyed until I reached a land that reminded me of home... the Amazon. This tribe stood no chance against an Osh-Tekk warrior. I knew at a glance, as did they. By fate, I was not the only warrior they encountered that day. I was just the only warrior on their side. I reflected on my mission. What if I wasn't here to conquer... but to save this tribe, as my father could not save ours? My father had spoken true: war was constant for the tribe, against their own neighbors, and against the men from the sea. Forged by battle, I became more than a warrior. I was a god. I taught the tribe to conquer their foes in the Osh-Tekk way. In exchange, they gave me a new name: Buluc, the War God. But as their enemies dwindled, I grew restless. I elected to return to Outworld, expecting my father's pride.
[Cut to past]
Kotal K'etz: You have grown stronger, yet you disappoint.
Kotal Kahn: Disappoint who, father? I protected the weak...
Kotal K'etz: And you have doomed them! You are blind to the consequences of your actions. Return the portal stone to me—
[Kotal Kahn punches a wall]
Kotal Kahn: Forgive my anger. Keep your helm, father. Now that I have my own... I will never surrender it.
[Cut to present]
Kotal Kahn: I returned to my Amazon tribe... but they had fallen in my absence. We defeated the men from the sea, but I had never considered the enemies in their blood. That was long before Shao Kahn died and the mad empress, Mileena, drove Outworld to the brink of disaster. Before I deposed that illegitimate clone to restore the realm. Over the past decade, we have driven Mileena's forces deep underground. Her threat to our empire is so reduced, we barely sense it, we may even forget she's there. This was my father's lesson: even the mightiest warriors are defeated by the smallest threats. We will hunt Mileena and her co-conspirators... We will crush every rock they hide under... Until we eradicate all opposition to this empire... no matter how great or small!

Issue 7

Kotal K'etz: You always knew how to win a crowd.
Kotal Kahn: Speeches are not enough. Reiko has destroyed our northern trade route... days before harvest. When people starve, I will lose the crowd.
Kotal K'etz: Your family is with you on this, Kotal. When I return with Mileena in chains... you can eat her heart before your adoring public.
Kotal Kahn: Mileena is not the threat. Reiko and I served Shao Kahn together for decades. He's a genius without scruples. My spies report he seduced Mileena... to become her closest advisor. They've also discovered his location. Bring no one back in chains. Kill Reiko. Kill Mileena. History is written in blood not in speeches.

Reiko: Kotal is formidable, proud and hopelessly devoted to his family. A good Osh-Tekk boy. Years ago, he revealed a peculiar quality of Osh-Tekk warriors to me. They wield enormous power in sunlight. But the converse is also true. Osh-Tekk are substantially weaker in darkness.
Goro: You know, Reiko, I've killed an Osh-Tekk before.
Reiko: That was when Shao Kahn and the Imperial Army were at your side, prince Goro. Now we rely on patience and strategy. First, our enemy must believe they can win. I leaked our location to Kotal. He will send his most trusted warriors, the Osh-Tekk. When they arrive, Mileena's faithful servant Rain removes their solar advantage. For a moment, the brave warriors will know doubt. But pride will drive them onward, into your arms.
Goro: What of the other warriors? Am I to fight them all at once?
Reiko: The Red Dragon recently acquired a cloaking technology utilized by the Lin Kuei. Mavado and his mercenaries are professionals. They'll leave you free to deal with Kotal K'etz. Kotal's blood runs hot. This loss will boil him. He will make mistakes. He will destroy himself.

Kotal Kahn: I am sorry, father, but I have no choice. By my father's soul, I, Kotal Kahn, emperor of Outworld, invoke the Gods before Gods. Bind my soul by the Blood Code. Make of me a Blood God. Grant me the power to disarm Goro... permanently.

Issue 10

Hanzo (to Takeda): [The Hellfire] is my curse, a burden I've carried since the day everything changed. The last seconds of my life passed like hours. The massacre of my clan was an outrage. But it was nothing compared to what my eyes held in those final moments. My beautiful family... frozen. As the village blazed around us, I prayed that ice would thaw. I prayed not to the gods, but to the fire itself. For Kana, my loving wife. For Jubei, my innocent child. I died. But my soul kept praying for fire, until someone answered. Quan Chi never controlled me. I was never his revenant. I was a volunteer. My lose had become a fire within. The dark sorcerer stoked the flames with promises of justice and vengeance. Hellfire consumed my heart, my name, and my conscience. To Quan Chi's delight, Scorpion was born. I found vengeance, but there was little justice in it. The fire remained, no matter how many battles I fought. I kept fighting, even after my life was restored. I didn't deserve a second chance. After all the murders I committed willfully... suicide sounded just. Until a wise man saw my hellfire for what it was...
Takeda: Rage?
Hanzo: No. It's the moment I failed my family and my clan. My shame, my pain, my loss that I can never lose. To wield hellfire, I have to relive that moment. Burn hot for too long, and I risk destroying myself all over again. Every time.
Takeda: I'm sorry, Grandmaster. I would not have asked if I'd known it was such a personal matter. But... who was this wise man that helped you? You've never mentioned him before.
Hanzo: Because you specifically asked me to avoid mentioning him. He's your father... Kenshi.

Issue 11

Raiden (to Takeda and Hanzo): My apologies to both of you. An explanation is long overdue.
[Cut to flashback]
Raiden: ...until the amulet of Shinnok is destroyed.
Elder Gods: The amulet cannot be destroyed.
Raiden: You banished Shinnok for betraying you. He returned, you banished again. Help me end this.
Elder Gods: We shall. But destroying the amulet would release Shinnok. That which binds him also protects him.
Raiden: Then we must safeguard it. Lock it within a dark dimension.
Elder Gods: Yes. But a lock is only as safe as its key. Or in this case, keys.
Raiden: The Kamidogu?.
Elder Gods: Each Kamidogu blade tasted the blood of the One Being. Its essence dwells within them. No single blade is powerful enough alone—
Raiden: But united, their force will contain Shinnok.
Elder Gods: Yes, united, in the blood of a God.
[Cut to present]
Raiden: The ritual worked. It wasn't safe to keep the Kamidogu in one location, so I entrusted each dagger to a deadly champion. Like you.
Hanzo: But you didn't tell us they were possessed, that they take control of people, turn them into psychotic murderers!
Raiden: It was in your best interest to think that these daggers were sacred relics—nothing more. You can't betray ignorance, but I did not foresee a demon corrupting the blood magik.
Hanzo: Quan Chi.
Raiden: Doubtful. But Fujin is investigating the Netherrealm border, just in case.
Hanzo: Who else has these daggers?
Raiden: All of the other Kamidogu are accounted for, except one, stolen many years ago. I sent Sub-Zero to recover it, but he never returned.
Hanzo: Because he betrayed you.
Raiden: Whoever corrupted the Kamidogu seeks to obtain the amulet of Shinnok. That cannot happen. If this demon is controlling Sub-Zero, we must save him to save ourselves. Will you help me, Hanzo?
Hanzo: Right. We'll find Sub-Zero. Dead or alive.

Takeda: The Shirai Ryu don't run from a fight, right, grandmaster?

Havik: Goro's failure was a minor setback, it revealed to us the source of Kotal Kahn's strength.
Reiko: Blood Mask. I've done everything you asked, cleric, but obtaining these daggers... they could take years to find.
Havik: I already know where they are.
Reiko: Then how much longer must I share Mileena's bed? When will the throne be mine?
Havik: When the daggers are united. Then, Reiko... you won't need Mileena, you won't even need me. You will be more than Emperor of Outworld. You will be the Blood GOD.

    Comic Issues #13- 24 

Issue #13

Kotal Kahn: After Prince Goro murdered my people, I defeated him... but I refused to honor him with a noble death. The Shokan are a proud race. I expected King Gorbak to reject his son. Blinded by my vengeance, I overlooked a simple truth: that all fathers love their sons.
[Cut to King Gorbak and Goro's chat]
Gorbak: Rise, Goro.
Goro: Kill me. I am not worthy to be your heir.
Gorbak: Silence. You are my son. What Kotal Kahn took from you, he also took from me. The Shokan people have suffered the indignity of imperial rule long enough. Let us act quickly, while the Osh-Tekk emperor's strength is compromised. Tonight, the Shokan march for Z'Unkahrah!

Havik: It doesn't matter who's controlling whom—tonight, Scorpion and Sub-Zero finally get the rematch we've all been waiting for. Soon the Kamidogu will be mine... as will Hanzo Hasashi's SOUL.

Issue #15

Takeda: Hanzo! Hanzo—Grandmaster, you don't know what it's like to be controlled, because all the evil you've done was your choice. Vengeance misguided you. Isn't that what you've told me? We have the Kamidogu we came for, so now you have another choice. Give into vengeance like the Blood Demon wants. Burn everything you've worked for. Or help me save the world so we can rebuild the Shirai Ryu, remember? That's the plan.

Takeda: I'd say you won that rematch.
Hanzo: He was already injured. And what good is winning if I'm losing myself?

Issue #16

Bo'Rai Cho: At death's door again, Kuai Liang? Stop struggling, you'll bleed out faster. As your life passes before your eyes, ask yourself: what does it all mean?.

Quan Chi: Your friend belongs to Netherrealm. So do you. But only a resilient soul could survive the Cyber Initiative. My army needs resilient soldiers for the coming war. Let's test the limits of your resilience. All that hardware is clumsy. You can't trust technology. I put my faith in tradition. Blood. Sorcery.

Kuai Liang: I committed... horrible crimes at Quan Chi's command. How can I ever live with that?
Raiden: Make amends. Earthrealm needs your help.

Kuai Liang: I embarked... a few days later. Recovered Raiden's lost Kamidogu.
Bo'Rai Cho: And its power possessed you.
Kuai Liang: I'll never be free, Bo'Rai Cho. I'm doomed to kneel before sorcerers and demigods.
Bo'Rai Cho: You haven't figured out what all these events mean? Why I'm here?
Kuai Liang: I must commit Hara-Kiri.
Bo'Rai Cho: HA! Of course not. We've got wine for melancholy. Considering what that Kamidogu did, after all you've endured, Raiden owes you a favor.

Issue #17

Kotal Kahn: Father, what would you do? As they say in Earthrealm, the barbarians are at the gates. Perhaps I should have killed Goro... but my vengeance made way for pride. Now his father hunts me. How do you stop an unstoppable army?

Issue #18

Kintaro: The Draco and Tigrar families reached a decision.
Goro: Spare the formalities.
Kintaro: Your injuries disqualify your claim to the throne. When the battle is over, a contest will be held in the ancient tradition. A battle for the crown.
Goro: And what if I enter that contest?
Kintaro: Careful, Goro, you're crippled, and your father's not here to protect you.
Goro: I will return, Kintaro. And when I do, the disloyal Shokan Council will beg me for mercy. I will show them none.

Havik: Reiko chose you wisely, Skarlet.
Skarlet: You've mastered Blood Magik. I wish—
Havik: You wish to learn. You will. First, I have in my possession the heir to an ancient warrior power. Power that can be taken. But in order to extract it from her, our little warrior has to fight.

Issue #19

Kotal Kahn: There are those among you... who think I am a single-minded warrior. It's true, I live to fight... but with purpose. The throne of Outworld... is not a seat or a title. It is this city... Z'Unkahrah! Mileena's first mistake was neglecting this place and the citizens who call it home. I vow to defend these walls with my life!

Kotal Kahn: I stood before the empire and made that promise.
Reptile: A promisse you cannot keep if you are dead.
Kotal Kahn: If I cannot protect the Capitol, I am unfit to rule. If dying is my duty, I will die.

Reptile: I remember when your duty wass to kill me. (...) I never meant to compete. But everyone dreamss of winning. Perhapss I would even find a way to bring my people back. But I failed, and after that, I continued to fail. I wass no longer welcome in the Emperor'ss pressence. I knew what that meant. From then on, I sslept with one eye open. (...) And the next day, I wass invited to the throne, where I met my new commander. (...) I've alwayss wondered... why you sspared me.
Kotal Kahn: Shao Kahn would rather conquer another realm than rule the empire he had. So I did it for him. Good spies are fine tools, you don't send them into deathmatches.
Reptile: You ssaw value where he did not.
Kotal Kahn: I still do.

Ferra: 'Member our story? Torr's fav'rite! Here it goes! First, them stabby men tored us apart! Torr no-no good alone. Ferra no-no good alone. Then Kotal come! Him frees Torr. Them frees me. Then Kotal make a hot din-din!
D'Vorah: What about the stabby men?
Kotal Kahn: Dinner.
Ferra: 'Em juicy giblets... Mmm...
Torr: MMMMM.
D'Vorah: Bet the Tarkatans put a price on your heads for that.
Ferra: Price? Wherezatat?

Kotal Kahn: I appreciate these testaments of loyalty. But if you are truly loyal... leave me to my fate.
Reptile: But we—
Kotal Kahn: We did not defy Shao Kahn... even as he marched toward certain DEATH! I demand the same respect!
D'vorah: This One never respected Shao Kahn. The Kytinn respect no leaders— under any circumstances. On the eve of invasion, the Kytinn elders were too busy arguing to form a defense. This One refused to participate, knowing they had already argued too long, and all they would do was scatter.
[Cut to flashback]
Shao Kahn: You! Why do you not flee? Your kin run and hide, yet you stand your ground. Are you their queen?
D'Vorah: No. This One is your humble servant.
[Cut to present]
D'Vorah: A necessary lie. This one hated the conqueror. Shao Kahn spared the Kytinn... to make them slaves. All except This One. This One found shelter in the tyrant's shadow. Waiting, watching sorcerers manipulate his blinding lust for conquest, until that lust destroyed him. In that moment, This One could have gone free, but where? The tyrant's shadow was home now. Even when Kotal defied Mileena... This One hesitated to stand with him. But then Reptile defended Kotal with conviction beyond that of any servant or slave, and I knew tyrants rule with fear, but Kotal Kahn leads with respect. You are the only leader This One has ever truly respected.
Reptile: D'Vorah speakss for uss all.
Kotal Kahn: My sacrifice tomorrow... will save thousands of lives. THAT is leading with respect. You have all fought like Osh-Tekk. My father would be proud.

Issue #20

Havik (to Cassie): Your father is Johnny Cage. (...) I want power. Johnny Cage defeated Shinnok. A mortal fought an Elder God and won. That's impossible, unless his bloodline are warriors bred to fight the Gods themselves. Warriors whose true power is unleashed when their loved ones are near death. So tell me— doesn't Jacqui's life mean anything to you?!

[A nuke explodes in the battlefield]
Kotal Kahn: What manner of sorcery is this?
Kano: Science. Why bother with magic when we have the power of the atom at the touch of a button?

Issue #21

Kintaro: Why do you insist on denigrating—
Kotal Kahn: The Shokan were not my enemy... until Goro contracted with Reiko and Mileena. I've always admired the strength of your people. [To the remaining Shokan warriors] Hear me, Shokan warriors! Mileena and Reiko... are enemies we share! Why kill each other for the good of our common foe? We should join forces... and kill them together!! I will never command you to surrender. I only ask that you fight.

Issue #22

Reiko: When the guests arrive, we must divide and conquer. You will need my strength. Not one. Both of them. At the same time. Right over the heart. Now take the power and the pain. Together we will shed blood upon this island as never before. That crimson tidal wave will carry me to conquer Outworld... then Earthrealm... and finally... TO SLAUGHTER THE ELDER GODS THEMSELVES!

Issue #23

Sonya Blade: I gave up my daughter's childhood to make her world safe. That was the right thing to do. Right up a few weeks ago when she ran away. Now we're at the end of the world, relying on the kindness of a barbarian. Who knows what she's seen on Shang Tsung's Island. What kind of torture they've inflicted on her. All I know for certain is if we fail, if we don't save her, then I gave up all those years for nothing. I never knew my own daughter, and she never knew how much her mother cares.

    Comic Issues #25- 36 

Issue #25

Reiko: Nothing makes me happier than bringing families together.

Sonya Blade Please, Cassie. I'm not the Mother of the Year, but... I'm here. For you. It's time to come home.
Cassie Cage: Which home, Sonya? The base or the bachelor pad?
Jacqui Briggs: Know how many times I've heard Cassie complain about being ignored, Sonya? Too many. I'm sick of hearing about it.
Cassie Cage Do I have your attention now?!
Sonya Blade: I'm not fighting you! Cass, when this is over, you're grounded.

Jacqui Briggs Lemme guess, my dad's hiding on the farm? Sucks having a coward for a role model.
Johnny Cage: Coward? The real Jacqui Briggs idolizes Jax. She'd never call him a "coward". Whoever's controlling these girls, you're about to get cag—
Jacqui Briggs: Damn Cages, never know when to shut up!

Kotal Kahn: Still relying on the Red Dragon to fight your battles, Reiko?
Reiko: Your skill is as impressive as ever, Kotal. How proud Shao Kahn would be to see me destroy you, and how equally disappointed your father would be to see you fall.
Kotal Kahn: You've always envied the Kahn's power, Reiko.
Reiko: I've envied your Blood Magik, but you barely scratched the surface of its power. Had you my ambition, true godliness would have been yours!

Reiko: Your champions are so loyal, Kotal. So quick to defend you. So ready to die!

Reiko: You have nothing left to lose, Kotal. Surrender, and I will spare you... to serve as my slave.
Kotal Kahn: You may have stolen my family. My Blood Magik. My comrades. But without Mileena's Edenian lacky... you cannot steal my sun.

Mileena: Kotal Kahn. Reiko. You do not have my permission to kill each other. That privilege belongs to the true empress!!!

Issue #26

Skarlet: Mileena! This is awkward...
Mileena: Why should it be awkward?
Skarlet: Reiko lost his faith in you and turned to me.
Mileena: Reiko is only loyal to himself. He'll betray you—
Skarlet: Ha! Betray me? Jealous creature... he has empowered me!
Mileena: You're not empowered, Skarlet. You're his puppet.
Skarlet: I'm as much Shao Kahn's "daughter" as you are, half-breed. I will share my throne with Reiko. Immortals in the Blood Code, bound by— huh?!
Ermac: Bound, indeed. The honor is yours, Mileena.

Kotal Kahn: Earthrealmers say "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."
Reiko: Soon they will say it differently: "hell hath no fury like the Blood God"! The God you could never be!

Mileena: Daddy's hammer.
Ermac: A mighty weapon. Have you practiced wielding it?
Mileena: Practice? The empress does not need practice. [Hits Reiko in the face, crushing it] Only Shao Kahn's heir could kill a man on her first swing...
Ermac: Reiko is not dead. His soul still burns... The Blood Code sustains him. He will rise again.
Mileena: That's a problem... and here's another. [Looks at Kotal Kahn] You call me insane, Kotal? Unfit to rule? Lucky for you, I'm just mad enough to let you live a few hours more. So let's deal with Reiko and after he's buried, we'll deal with each other.

Kintaro: This island battle is truly glorious! We'll crush Reiko and Mileena on the same day. Not sure what to make of Mileena saving Kotal Kahn's life.''
Shokan soldier 1: Maybe she wants ta get stabbed by his macuahuitl?
[Everybody laughs on background]
Sheeva: Or maybe Reiko has acquired a power so deadly that sworn enemies band together to survive.
Shokan soldier 2: Queen Sheeva, the battle has begun—
Sheeva: And you're eager to join it. But after the massacre at Z'unkahrah, we can't afford to waste Shokan lives. Stay anchored. Keep watch. We fight when we see a strategic opportunity. Yes, Kona?
Kona: While watching, can we wager on the battles?
Sheeva: Put my coin on Kotal Kahn.
Sheeva: We will honor our commitment to Kotal Kahn. But battle conditions aren't in our favor. Instead of saving his life, we may avenge his death...

Takeda: Lord Fujin!
Fujin: Raiden... he's possessed. Took the Kamidogu...
Takeda: Okay but first you need help—
Fujin: The Jinsei will heal my wounds... then we must intercept Raiden. He knows not what he does.
Takeda: Raiden's not the real threat. Havik is!

Issue #27

Issue #28

Issue #29

Issue #30

Issue #31

Issue #32

Issue #33

Issue #34

Issue #35

Issue #36