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  • Seeing Ferra scramble all over the place in the background if she falls off of Torr can be quite hilarious.
  • Cassie Cage's fatality has her put her wad of chewed up gum on a hole she shot into her opponent's head, which swells up, and pops. Black Comedy at its finest.
  • The Test Your Luck is back, and it has more humor.
  • One stage interaction for the Outworld Market involves pulling a little old lady out of the background and throwing her at your opponent. And the Tanya compatibility update made it so throwing the lady at the opponent when their life is low enough results in a Stage Brutality. Normally, she is thrown at the opponent so hard that they completely explode into pieces, but if you hold Down while throwing her, she will instead leap onto the opponent and punch their head until it explodes. While making Kiai noises. And since the game's training mode takes place in a Danger Room-esque facility where you can load hologram versions of each stage's interactive elements, you can have fun throwing a hologram old lady at people over and over.
  • Cassie Cage in the character select screen. Walking into the foreground as her variation is being selected she does so while putting her bubblegum in her mouth. When it's time to select a stage, she pops it in her opponent's face. As she walks away upon choosing a stage, she flips the bird.
    • Johnny shows us where Cassie gets her genes from: his variation selection has him talking into his phone, and after choosing a stage, he motions the opponent to call him.
  • Keeping with Cassie, it's now been revealed that (one of) her Brutalities involves a Nut Kracker so lethal that her opponent's head pops off their shoulders. It's also shared by her father as well.
    Cassie: Suck on that!
    Johnny Cage: Oh no I didn't!
    • One of Kitana's Brutalities involves her killing her enemy with her butt.
    • One of Ferra/Torr's Brutalities has Torr roll over the opponent, flattening them like a cartoon character.
    • Shinnok also has a similar Brutality to the above, where he squashes the opponent with a summoned bony foot.
    • Mainly, most of the Brutalities wind up like this, from Cassie Bitchslapping her opponent's head backwards, to Mileena catapulting herself butt first at her victim's head.
    • Also, one of Kotal Kahn's Brutalities involves killing himself as if one wants to forfeit the match and is currently the only combatant to have a self-brutality (or if one will, a Hara-Kiri.) Needless to say, many players found this brutality to be amusing to the point of trolling their opponent.
    • Quan Chi's Summoner variation has a brutality involving sending his hell bat to bite off the enemy's head. The name of the Brutality? "Puggles' Wrath". So apparently the evil Netherrealm sorcerer named his hellbat "Puggles".
    • Jason's fatalities will warrant a few chuckles for those accustomed to Bloody Hilarious, but Sleeping Bag is just funny.
    • Tremor's Brutalities take the cake as the funniest in the game. For example, he turns his opponent to stone and sits down before making an effort to shatter the statue in the most nonchalant way, or crushes his opponent's head with a ball that has a smiley face painted on it.
    • Bo'Rai Cho's Brutalities involve him vomiting on the enemy, making them vomit until they die, as Bo'Rai vomits next to them; crushing his enemy like a cartoon character with a belly flop; and belly bumping through them, vaporizing them.
  • Johnny Cage has one of the most hilarious fatalities in all of MK. He rips into his opponent's back from behind, until he's pulling both halves of him apart. Johnny looks through the new gaping hole in his opponent's chest and goes "HEEEERE'S JOHNNY!" while mugging.
    • He also has one of the most hilarious Brutalities: launching a shadow clone of himself to kick his opponent in half, then he and his shadow clone mugging for the camera.
    • Another one has him killing his opponent with a barrage of punches, then charging an apparently powerful blow... Only to stop abruptly and simply poke the (still standing) corpse to make it fall to the ground.
  • Did you Rage Quit disconnect? The person you disconnected on gets the satisfaction of watching Your Head A-Splode in-game to the announcement of "QUITALITY!"
  • Just the fact that Erron Black has a bullet with his opponents name on it.
    • The implication that he may have a bullet for every character. Including himself, "Me", and maybe even the final boss. It still says "Shinnok".
    • The name on the bullet he uses against Predator is "Ugly Mofo"
  • If you subscribe to the "skeletons are hilarious" school of thought, Shinnok's bone arms in his Necromancer variation are an absolute joy to see. Said form has him summon a giant skeletal hand to attack his opponent. One of his moves is having said hand flick the opponent and Necromancer Brutality has said hand act as a Anvil on Head, crushing the sap flat! And don't forget the brutalities (Heavy Artillery, Nether Force, Instant Karma, Skull Transplant, Get Over Here, Little Devil, Kamikaze and Shokan Flame) that do this as well!
  • Mid-fight taunts:
    • Win a round, and Erron Black will offer to end the fight if the opponent pays him.
    • One of Johnny Cage's is verbatim, "Hashtag you suck."
    • Jacqui can say "Say My Name, bitch!" a la Jagi.
    • Jacqui: Stop staring at my butt! She say this to all males except her father.
    • Even after performing a Brutality, the winner will still taunt the loser all the same, resulting in such post-mortem one-liners as:
      • Kung Lao demanding that the opponent he just decapitated to "Learn from this!"
      • Takeda, after slicing his victim's legs off, saying a very chirpy and jovial "Knucklehead!"
      • Kenshi: "You show little promise."
      • Kenshi can literally kick the legs off someone and just nonchalantly ask, "Do you need a moment?"
      • Erron Black: "Walk it off."
      • Kano: "Ain't that a bitch."
    • Sonya Blade: "Spoiler Alert: you lose." Side effect of being married to Johnny Cage perhaps.
    • Johnny Cage to Sonya: "I'm in command this time!"
    • Cassie Cage vs Sub-Zero: "You're less than zero." No kidding?
    • Johnny Cage: "I hate punching pretty things." He'll say this to Sonya, Kitana, and himself.
    • Tremor: "Let's rock." So cheesy yet so undeniably badass.
  • Jason's fatalities, while still pretty gruesome, are riddled with Scare Chords and look like kill scenes out of a campy slasher film, including a cheesy, gasping expression on his opponent's face during one of them.
    • Likewise, Jason's mere presence within the roster. Being his first time as a Guest Fighter, you think he would be like his mother from the first Friday the 13th (1980) film and have weapons aside from his machete, but nope. He just does things like he's done before hand.
    • When the other fighters taunt each other before a match loads, usually it involves trash talking or gesturing. Jason... just kinda wanders off, no matter how outlandish his opponent is.
  • You've read the backstory... You've heard of it before... But nothing has prepared you for... Johnny Cage as Ninja Mime!
  • Tanya's basic punch is a bitch slap. It's even called such in the command menu.
  • The Predator compatibility update added a new Brutality for Mileena where she crushes the opponent's head... with her ass. Yes, she sits on the opponent so hard that their head explodes.
  • Mortal Kombat X, 4th of July style.
  • For a bit of immature humor, Tremor's Stalag-Might Fatality involves him summoning several rock spikes to impale the opponent at an angle. One of those spikes goes straight through their butt.
  • According to the match dialogues between Johnny and Tremor, it turns out Tremor is a fan of Johnny's movies. Yes, you heard it. Tremor is a fan of Johnny Cage movies.
  • You would think that Our dear friend Bo'Rai Cho is the Season 2 pack's barrel of fun? Behold.
  • Shinnok's Impostor variation gives him a move that permits a one-time use of one of the enemy's special technique. What move does Shinnok get when copying Bo' Rai Cho? He gets Fart Cloud.
  • Leatherface has three variations: Killer, Butcher... and Pretty Lady. Said variation costume is him in a suit, looking as fat as expected.
  • In the Alien's ending, it shows several Outworld races as Xenomorph hybrids. Shokan Xenomorph - that's more creepy than funny. What is funny is that Ferra/Torr's symbiote race is apparently compatible to the extend that the hulking Torr!Xeno has a tiny Ferra!Xeno riding on its back!
  • One of Tri-Borg's Brutalities involves it pulling off its head and chucking it at the opponent, which knocks off the victim's head. Tri-Borg then pulls a Grand Theft Me of sorts, taking control of the victim's body while it's old body sparks, sputters, and shuts down.
    • His Death Machine fatality is pretty amusing as well. While it does leave the opponent as a cube of gore, the contraption that the three bodies make is incredibly goofy looking, with having the bright colors of his bodies, it looks more like a toy.
  • Proving that There Is No Kill Like Overkill, one of Leatherface's Brutalities is simply bashing his victim's skull in with a hammer, again, and again, and again. Just when it seems like it's over, his victim weakly reaches up. Leatherface then proceeds to Double Tap them with his hammer. And then follows a long Beat before "Leatherface Wins" is anounced. It's like the announcer himself was speechless.
  • One of Alien's Brutalities is to implant a Xenomorph child into the opponent via Chest Burster. While there are some special alterations done for non-human characters such as Predator, using special inputs will cause the Chestburster to have different accessories based on the host like Jason's mask, Erron Black's cowboy hat and Johnny Cage's sunglasses.
  • Using Erron Black's Tunnel Vision Brutality leaves the opponent lying on the ground dead, after which a crow will come out to peck the corpse. Oh yeah, you can shoot the crow with a special input!
  • After Sub-Zero does his Klassic "Spine Rip" Fatality and holds the victim's head up, the decapitated opponent will actually reach for it before falling over.

    Story Mode & Comics 
  • In Chapter 1 of the comics, suddenly, Hsu Hao, a character well-known to be reviled by everyone, even by the developers, makes an appearance! Is it a sign that the developers are warming up to him? Well, a few pages later, he's instantly killed by Boon's favorite dude, Scorpion. This is Creator Backlash taken so... 'literally' that it ends up being downright hilarious. Bonus points for Scorpion modifying his Catchphrase to convey what Boon (and a lot of other people) feels directly.
  • Chapter 13 of the comic has Johnny and Sonya arguing while visiting Kotal Kahn. This would be a tense moment...until you see Kotal's face, which appears to say "Well, this is slightly annoying."
  • In Chapter 19 of the comic, after Ferra recalls how Kotal saved her and Torr from Tarkatans, D'Vorah remarks that the Tarkatans had put a price on their heads. Cue Ferra trying to find where the price is on Torr's head.
  • Chapter 30 of the comic has some Black Comedy after Havik blasts a ship full of Shokan warriors with Shinnok's Amulet.
    Havik: How exciting it would be if that ship was carrying explo—
    The ship explodes with a gigantic "BA DOOM" that covers part of the horizon.
    Havik: Never mind.
    Behind him, the brainwashed Cassie and Jacqui high-five each other.
  • The Leaning on the Fourth Wall moment in Chapter 35, where Cyrax comments that the virus Sub-Zero used was made by a developer in Chicago. The comic all but outright says that Sub-Zero got the virus from NetherRealm Studios, maybe even from Ed Boon himself.
  • In Chapter 1, Shinnok is attacking Raiden, followed by being interrupted by Johnny Cage, causing him to drop his Amulet. The all powerful former Elder God's response? Throwing a Sesquipedalian Loquacious temper tantrum.
    Shinnok: Miserable wretch! Insignificant speck of FECULENT SCUM! HOW DARE YOU!!
    • Becomes funnier when you realize he basically just called Johnny a piece of shit.
    • After finishing the line above, he fires a magic blast..... at Kenshi, even though Johnny Cage was the one who caused him to drop his amulet.
    • After Johnny finished his tale about the events which led to Shinnok's defeat at the end of Chapter 1, the scene cuts to the Special Forces main base. We see Takeda, Kung Jin, Cassie, Jacqui, and Johnny giving them the debrief. Apparently, Jin and Cassie have a bit of a feud, considering Jin's first lines to her:
    Johnny: Raiden told me later that I descended from some Mediterranean war cult. "Bred as warriors for the gods." I've never been able to re-summon that green halo. Raiden thinks it was triggered when I saw a loved one about to die...
    Kung Jin: How 'bout you, Cassie? Can you summon anything like that, or did it skip a generation?
    Takeda: Take it easy, Jin...
    Cassie: We didn't need a green halo in Darfur... Or Iran, or Kurdistan. Did we, Jacqui?
    Jacqui: Nope, we didn't. Shaolin monks ever sent you there, Jin?
    • Earlier in Chapter 1, halfway through the QTE sequence, Johnny smacking away a severed head of a soldier.
    Johnny: Ugh, nasty!
  • A subtle one at the start of Chapter 3 when Johnny's team prepares to infiltrate the Lin Kuei temple and the team members talk about how they're gonna bag the assassin order's grandmaster. Look at the face Johnny Cage makes behind everyone's back when Cassie says "He (Sub-Zero) won't know what hit him.". This becomes even funnier when you've played story mode before and you know how that mission eventually turns out and you're aware of the fact that Johnny was in on it all the time.
  • Johnny Cage's arcade ending. You think he would stay and protect Shang Tsung's old island, right? He soon finds Tsung's secret to the lifespan of Edenians. Retirement will have to wait.
  • In Kung Jin's chapter, the Special Forces see Ferra / Torr for the first time.
  • In chapter 5, during a QTE Sonya has to give a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown onto Quan Chi in order to break one of his spells to free Johnny, Jax, Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Not only is it cathartic as hell to watch, but one of the moves she does is stomping with full force on Quan Chi's crotch. His reaction before and after is just gold.
  • At the end of D'vorah's chapter, Jacqui tells the group of her father, Jax is being too over-protective. During the time she joins the Special Force in Johnny's group, Johnny Cage insist of telling his dad about it thinking it would be much smoother. Knowing the relationship between Cage and Jax, you would know this would not end well. Cassie Cage adds that she remembers her dad coming home with a broken jaw after telling it to Jax. Ouch!
    • To be frank any time that Jax goes Papa Wolf and being over-protective of her daughter like Jax vs Takeda. See quotes above.
  • At the end of Jackson Briggs' chapter, Quan Chi attempts an appeal to Jax, who was once his servant. Jax's response? Uppercutting Quan Chi and KO'ing him in one hit.
  • The fact that, in Cassie Cage's chapter, you can end the fight with Corrupted Shinnok by giving him a Groin Attack.
    • When Cassie finds out she has the same powers as her dad.
    Cassie: Holy shit, it does run in the family.
  • Reptile's ending, despite being a Heartwarming Moment for him, is a brilliant and funny take on a simple trope: Sewer Gator
  • The last few seconds of the beatdown montage on Raiden near the end of his chapter - while seeing Liu Kang jumping on Raiden's back (accompanied with a bloodcurdling scream) is just brutal, there's just something inherently funny about seeing all of the revenants teaming up to literally stomp on Raiden while he's curled up in the fetal position.
    • Just prior to said beatdown - as dire the situation is, there's something hilarious about seeing the revenants surrounding Raiden...only to start lightly pushing him to one another like a gang of schoolyard bullies.

    Trailers & Meta 
  • The Cage Family trailer.
    Sonya: What's your update from Col. Flag?
    Johnny: He said, "Why you bothering me?" And I said, "Because my ex-wife is a pain in the—(Curse Cut Short to gameplay footage of Sonya breaking someone's neck with her knee)
    • Later on...
      Sonya: Prisoner transport will be here in twenty.
      Johnny: she trusts me to babysit.
      (Cut to Cassie in a cage)
      Cassie: Well, if they don't kill us, my mother will...
  • The Shaolin Trailer ended with Liu Kang tearing out Raiden's trachea and shoving it in his mouth. Considering what happened when he followed his directions last game, it's a perfect way of telling him to shut up. This fatality is topped off Liu Kang making Raiden fall downwith a gentle poke.
  • On the meta front, the Conan O'Brien MKX matches featuring Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski.
    Conan: Gronk, use your bumblebees! ...that's a stupid thing to say, would you ever say "Gronk, use your bumblebees"?
    • Their reaction to Kano disembowling Ferra/Torr (with Rob having referred to Ferra as "his life coach"), especially as Marshawn puts the controller down and walks off. They don't even show the rest of the fatality (Kano blowing a hole in the middle of Torr's head with his laser eye).
    • Second match with Cassie vs. D'Vorah.
    • Lynch finds out that Cassie's combo involves shooting her opponent in the face. This delights him.
      Lynch: OHHH! POINT! BLANK! IN BROAD! DAYLIGHT! Rock-a-bye, baby! Yeah! HAHAHA! That's that New Jack City, boy!
    • Their reaction to Cassie's Groin Attack on D'Vorah.
      Lynch: What the fuck was that?!
      Conan: Oh! No! You can't do that!
      Lynch: Yes the fuck you can!
    • Marshawn Lynch chanting "Lick the gun, lick the gun" repeatedly when Cassie wins... and Conan joining in.
    • Conan's reaction towards Quan Chi's fatality.
  • This Mortal Kombat X trailer when the entire population gathers up to see the fight while Chop Suey by System of a Down plays. After Scorpion deals the Fatality, their reactions is what you'd expect. Then they go on to another fight.
  • In Jason's gameplay trailer, he ends it by performing a Fatality on Jax, unintentionally playing straight Black Dude Dies First.
  • The Fatality sound effects are done by... fart sounds.
  • In the trailer for the Kombat Pack 2, you've got a scene of Quan Chi and Ermac alone in the woods, in what's obviously a horror movie, which reveals Leatherface, Sektor's head on life support, which reveals the Tri-Borg, and D'Vorah about to kill Baraka, who's been infected by a Xenomorph. Amidst all that.. is Bo'Rai'Cho waking up from an apparent hangover, and then drinking from a flask. Compared to the other intros, it's completely underwhelming, which might have been the point. In the Leatherface intro segment, he rushes out and kills Ermac, one of the most powerful characters in the franchise, with a goddamn chainsaw. Followed by the Xenomorph bursting out of (maybe) Baraka's chest, with him staring at it as if to say "Goddamn it, I thought I could get in this time." There's also D'Vorah's reacton during their segment; it perfectly captures a sense of a slow "What the fuck..." given in facial form.
  • This video shows what happens when someone swaps the Xenomorph's model with another characters. Because of how the Xenomorph's hands and arm spikes are modeled, this results in a lot of Flipping the Bird.
    • The faces the characters end up making could also be considered this or Nightmare Fuel, depending on the person.
  • There's something funny about how Kenshi, despite being blind, is able to comment on things he'd logically not be able to see or take part in, such as being able to use social media websites or notice that Leatherface is wearing a safety apron. Then you realize that Sento is probably telling him what's in front of him. In other words, Kenshi is using a mystical sword filled with the souls of his ancestors as a seeing-eye sword.
  • During a MKX livestream, this happened, with the streamers declaring they'll make a .gif out of the moment.
  • One of Kenshi's variations is specifically modeled after his moveset in MK9, where he was considered an overpowered Tier-Induced Scrappy within the competitive scene. The variation's name? Balanced.