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Quotes / Law of Chromatic Superiority

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"In that case Lieutenant [Amuro] allow me to explain: as strange as it may be to splatter bright colors on a military machine, there's a certain psychology to it. In the ancient world, warriors would often paint their armor, their uniforms or even their very bodies in vibrant color, as well as adorn them with different types of markings and insignia. In practice, this left them with little camouflage and made them easy to distinguish, but in return it gave them a far greater advantage: their colors acted as a visual warning to their enemies, proclaiming their status as elites and that they were not to be contended. Over time, that tradition died out and gave way to an emphasis on concealment, but here in the Galactic Century, with the battlefield not being limited to a terrestrial setting, such practices are no longer necessary. The Zeon were the first to understand this, and so allowed their aces to paint their Zakus in custom colors; a doctrine that has been so successful, the Federation is now emulating it."
Sleggar Law, Mobile Suit Gundam Alpha

"I wonder if a red car is faster than a blue car? (race cars drive by) I wonder if the colors run, does it make it faster? (cars drive by again) Or if the colors clash, will the car crash? (cars collide head-on and bounce out of the frame) Or..."
Nubby Stevens, LEGO Island

Hilda: Hey, DRAGON princess. Our mechs are of the same color, you know.
Salamandinay: Is that a problem? Legends say that red coloring can increase mechs' abilities three-fold!
Hilda: Oh my gosh, no way! That's insane! With three times the power, I could even take on Ange!
Super Robot Wars V (or X), save-quit skit.


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