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Quotes / Law of Disproportionate Response

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(Cursed Devo explains how Ebony Devil works.)
Polnareff: I haven't done anything that would make you have a grudge against me.
(Cursed Devo's cell phone rings.)
Cursed Devo: Hm?
(Cursed Devo answers it. Telence T. D'Arby was the one who called him.)
Cursed Devo: I thought I put it on silent mode, but it didn't stay silent. Damn you, Polnareff!
(The grudge meter increases.)
Polnareff: Uwahh! He powered up!

A lot of the time we've got no idea what we've done wrong. A lot of the time you could be on a date, and you could do something you think is perfectly reasonable, and the other person will hate you for it. I'll give you an example: A friend of my wife stayed with us a while ago, and she's married with kids now, but she was telling us a tale about a time in her life when she was looking, you know? She was not settling for any old nonsense anymore, she was just at that point in her life where basically every date she was going on, she was going on with the attitude of "Could I put up with this shit for the rest of my life?" That's just where she was as a person. Now, if that's the attitude you're bringing to the date, and the other person doesn't know this, you are most likely gonna fuck that date up. 'Cause here's the thing, anything that you do, that you think is completely inconsequential, to the other person could be an absolute deal-breaker. As evidenced by the fact that my friend was on a date with this guy and it's going quite well. It's the third date, she's actually thinking of going home with him that night until, over dinner, he licked his knife. That was it, she never saw him again. And he has no idea. He thinks she genuinely got an emergency phone call just before dessert. And then joined the Army. He has no idea. But her exact words to me were, "Well, if he's like that when he's on his best behavior, imagine what he's like at home." Dirty, knife-licking bastard. That's harsh. Don't you think that's just a little bit harsh?
Ed Byrne, Outside Looking In

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