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"I hate to spoil the party but, damn, man, I've got tired of listening to you cry, bitch! I've never cried over one match in my career, and you're going to let that little punk son of a bitch get you down to cryin'? He whipped you like a dog, don't you understand? You got your ass kicked! He handed it right to ya! That's why I'm here!
Oh, I know, I know, I know, I know: hail, mighty Caesar! I'm not here to praise you, I'm here to slay you. The only reason I'm here is, I have a client. The Dark Side will be coming to AEW, and once my roots have taken hold, it will rise, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, soaring to the sun!
It's been 20 years for me, Cody. 20 years to get clean, to get right. And, by God, I've earned it! And if you think, for one minute, that I'm going to be a nice boy and play right, my man, you've got another thing comin'. You see, for years, I've got to put a snake in a bag just to make somebody think about it, and what you thought about that snake? I had you in the palm of my hand, and I wound up spanking your ass. That's what happens! I will be on the outside of the ring, while my client faces you. And you can bring that one-trick-pony Arn Anderson with you. My God! Hey! Caesar! Oh, Caesar! What a snake wants, a snake takes. You see, I'm not in AEW to take the whole pie. Just your share.
Now, a wise man once told me: never, ever, turn your back on someone you respect or are afraid of."


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