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Useful... if you can find it.
Pashad ibn Asim, Suq'Ata trader, Magic: The Gathering, "Cloak of Invisibility"

Sontaran: Commander Skarr, that's the detection warning. Our invisibility cloak is compromised.
Skarr: What's wrong with it?
Sontaran: I don't know. I can't see it.
Doctor Who, "The Time of the Doctor"

"And what about the potion you invented — the one that was supposed to turn me into a terrifying Invisible Monster?" note 
"That worked!"
"Yes you bungling brainiac, the light passed through my entire body — including my retinas! I couldn't see a blasted thing!"
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space

Perhaps most unsettling of all, the Etherium also renders the Culexus Assassin nearly impossible to detect, whether by conventional senses or via complex mechanical sensors. For this reason, the advance of the Culexus is more of a relentless prowl than a headlong rush, as the Assassin stalks towards the target with the inevitability of death itself. A Culexus can stand in the very same room as his target yet remain hidden, his victims feeling only a mounting sense of unease, and glimpsing nothing but phantoms haunting their peripheral vision.
Warhammer 40,000: Dataslate - Officio Assassinorum

So'wI' yIchu'!
— Klingonese for "Engage cloaking device", Star Trek V: The Final Frontier


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