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"I know I shouldn't but... I can't help but wonder how creatures without arms could make such a device. And tie my friends up."
Antimony, Gunnerkrigg Court

Buzz-Saw Louis: Alright! Everyone who's got hands, start tying!
Bob the Tomato: ...
Larry the Cucumber: ...
Junior Asparagus: ...
Buzz-Saw Louis: That'd be me.
VeggieTales, "The Toy that Saved Christmas"

Tom Grape: How are we clapping?
Pa Grape: I have no idea.
VeggieTales, "Josh and the Big Wall"

"Hands! They don't have any hands! How can they riot and burn their cities if they don't have any hands!?

Mr. Krabs: What's with him?
SpongeBob: Patrick had a bloody nose, so I was going to walk him home.
Mr. Krabs: A bloody nose, eh? Do ya think I was born yesterday? He doesn't even have a nose!
SpongeBob SquarePants, "No Hat for Pat"


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