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"I don't really know where the gunblade is; apparently Squall has infinitely deep pockets."

*reaches inside his jacket, hand comes out empty* "Well, how about that! Ninjas really can run out of throwing stars."
Mr. Blank, Sam & Fuzzy

"Where is he keeping all these guns!? I mean, come on!"
Annihilation Nation announcer in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Obliteratrix: *Pulls a giant techno-bow out of nowhere coming out of a tuck 'n roll*
Shaggy: Like, where does she get all those weapons?! That outfit has no pockets!

"I'm carrying more ammo than should be physically feasible on one human being! I'll sit here and shoot at you all day if I have to."

The character can never afford to be caught without exactly what they need. They may spend 1 Enrichment at any time to suddenly have on their person a single small item, even if they did not previously appear to have it.
— The description for the Packrat asset, Adeptus Evangelion

Finch: It's remarkable how many firearms you can fit in that purse.
Root: One must accessorize.
Person of Interest, "Prophets"

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