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I am Bane - and I could KILL you... but death would only end your agony - and silence your shame. Instead, I will simply... BREAK YOU!

If you don't mind me asking, sir, what do you bench press?
Costumed detectives, mostly.
Bane, Secret Six #3

Ah, yes, I was wondering what would break first! Your spirit... or your body!
Bane in a direct Homage to the scene from Knightfall, The Dark Knight Rises

"The Bat is BROKEN!"
Bane (he does this a lot), Batman: Arkham Asylum

Bane, Batman: Arkham Asylum (This time, Batman breaks Bane.)

"Rao is good to us, sometimes," said U-Ban as he grabbed Power Girl by the neck, pulling her up from the arena wall against which Mala had blown her and the other women. She tried to punch him, but he blocked the blow. She tried for a kick, but he grabbed her ankle.
Then, holding her by throat and ankle, he lifted her high over his head...
"No!" cried Fury, trying to hurl herself at him. But Kizo grabbed her cape and then her arm to hold her back.
...and slammed her hard, back-first, across his outstretched knee.
White light filled Kara's skull.

My mind is free of all the rage and confusion now. I know who I am, and I know what you are— A mockery of life. This is not murder. It is the end of a terrible mistake.
Supergirl while lifting a Worldkiller overhead, Red Daughter of Krypton

Then she lifted her overhead and threw her with all her force.


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