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Due to the nature of this game, unmarked spoilers abound. Proceed with caution.

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    Radio NightNight 
"Welcome to the dream! My name is accha and I’m your host on Radio NightNight. We’ve finally reached the finale of the Dreaming Mary program! Stay tuned for the scintillating ending. To all of you new listeners late to the dream, I’d like to remind you of the rules and warnings for your safety. Please remain in the pink area. Do not pay any mind to strange noises or sightings. Ignore the animal in the second room – he confuses fiction with reality. There are only three doors in the Dreamwalk Hallway. Do not look for a fourth door. Do not touch any paintings or fragile objects. We cannot guarantee your safety if you do not comply with these rules. Any areas outside of this dream may not be suitable for children or those of a nervous disposition. If you find yourself in an unfavorable area, we ask that you return to the pink world. If your dream ends prematurely due to unforeseen and unrecognizable forces, do not panic. Simply restart the dream and continue along our pink and safe road to your happiness."
—- Radio Nightnight, introducing you to the game.

    Normal Ending Lyrics 
The heat haze of this long day appears to put me to sleep, gently, quietly
As if this black vacancy became somewhat gentler to me
Silently drowning; rising bubbles, just like fluttering
Desolately wailing; I'm filled with blueness in this fragrant sin

Captured in shackles, I am nightmaring
This cruel illusion is too sweet for me, isn't it?

The sounds of the town
I can't hear them anymore

The night is coming
My fears are drowning
The night is going
My tears are flowing
nightmareish, performed by harmonic blend

    Bad Ending Lyrics 
Bright lights, sunshine, sunlight, star bright
Moon lights, star shine, low light, good night
Good dreams my love, sweet sweet daughter
See you are so darling
shine flower like a star so bright
drooping petals so white
all so right
here in my arms you are
to carry and protect and LOVE
so much

Falling in dreams, the sweet young girl
Sweetly nourish her with your seeds of love
She is your sweetheart, she is the one who
sweetens the stirry-blurry shade of your ha-ha-ha-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-heart
Sometimes she might wonder why your love is so hurtful
She’s just a flower so be kind
don’t crush her
Because I do-do-do-don't-dare
Door opens and there you are. You were waiting.
waiting for me, me me, to play games dreaming
of sweet hands and sweet petals thinking
This is me her she is drinking
in her senses loving

Am I
Dreaming, dreaming Mary
Waking from the nightmare she is hating-hating-hating
your dark oily heartjuices she runs to her dreams
waiting waiting waiting for it to END-END-ENDING-ENDING
In the starlights waiting
for the sun shine on her
ting heart
less soul
ful flower
Elegy for the Dream, written and performed by accha

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