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Fridge / Dreaming Mary

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Fridge Horror

  • If your own brother married the love of your life, only to drive her to suicide, how far would you go to save her daughter? What is the underlying story behind these two brothers and their fighting, and what monsters will they become while the little girl in the tower gets caught in the crossfire?
  • If the flower petals represent her innocence, then that implies she gets molested once per flower and will lose hope after losing four allies' trust. Explains Boaris and his obsession with getting her petal. But so do Bunnhilda and Foxanne, hiding it behind their child's games. Even Penn Guinn, who is implied to be her only true ally and her uncle/father, wants a petal. Poor Mary.
    • Unless the "loss of innocence" corresponds to "not being able to overcome a trauma", in which case Penn may be trying to help her face the truth, even though it may be painful.
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    • It could also represent Mary's loss of faith in them, as children generally trust adults to protect and care for them. Bunnhilda, Foxanne, and Penn betrayed Mary's trust by not saving her from her father, while Boaris betrayed Mary by representing her father's sexual abuse. Penn is more sympathetic because Mari may be aware that her uncle wants to help her; he's been unable to do so, however, so Penn is portrayed as caring but ineffectual.
    • It could also be interpreted as fearing adults, even if they never touched her with such intent. After all, if your own father does such a thing, who is to say others won't?


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