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Quotes / Collapsing Lair

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"If I ever have real reason to install any type of self-destruct mechanism, it will only be triggerable at the heart of the device/ship/fortress and it will implode from the outside rather than explode from the inside."

The detonation shook the walls
It was coming down
The empty halls filled with flame
And everything was burning to the ground
I called your name, I tried to warn
But you didn’t hear
You were torn
Between the hero and your fears
The Megas, "Melody from the Past"

An ominous rumble shook the depthscraper.
" that what I think it is?"
"You know, I was hoping we'd avoid that particular cliché..."
"Is it plausible that this place would self-destruct for no apparent reason after the bad guys have all been defeated?"
"No, but I think it's going to happen anyway."
"Is it plausible that you and I could outrun a volcanic eruption?"
"No...but I suggest we start running!"


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