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...then they both got hit by a care bear stare.

"The Cybermen have proven vulnerable to gold, badges for mathematical excellence, coins, arrows and now to add to the list…fatherly love! I appreciate the sentiment but it is layered on so thick that I felt as though somebody had forced me to eat a whole tin of treacle."

Jeff: "You’re becoming dangerous, Annie. It’s those doe eyes. Disappointing you is like choking The Little Mermaid with a bike chain."

With itchy fur and curling hair,
I make good friends most everywhere.
I hug and smile; I skip and share
Feel the love!
My Care Bear Stare!
— MAD's Green Care Bear short. A Green Lantern and Care Bears crossover short

The dogs escape the pound. I saw that coming. What I didn’t see was them going rabid and devouring poor Christopher Lloyd. That was a shocker.

(And don’t rent this movie expecting that to actually happen. I just thought I’d throw that line in there to see if anyone was still reading. No, see the dogs lick him and that makes him love dogs again instead of hating them. Dude, they’re just licking your face, not your balls.)



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