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And when, in the fullness of my own life, I began to wane, I realized that I must submit to the last test of godhood. I must return from death itself. Only then would I be able to meet God as an equal. Only then could I become Him. [...] I caused myself to be recorded. Written down. Transcribed. I became, in the modern parlance, information. Do you see? I carved the pattern of my life into the world, in words and images. I measured the actual activity of my brain. And I stored it. I had a ready stock of test subjects in the orphans of the Wisitithiel experiment. While I was still alive, I refined my apparatus by using it on them. I played them fragments of my life and taught them - with electric shocks and so on - to emulate me perfectly. Each of my Ruskinites is an aspect of myself...
Shem Shem Tsiem, Angelmaker

Clear your mind. Listen to your breathing. The goal is to lower heart rate and blood pressure. Just relax... just be. You should sense a pulse, a repeating pressure you've never felt before at the edge of your mind. That's gen:Lock's sync signal looking for you. Give in to it, go to that sensation, reach for it. Go to the light, grab it... and then, hang on.
Doctor Weller, gen:LOCK

Sam Starfall: "Stay back. You're not cutting off my head!"
Robot: "But why not? We made a copy of you. Doesn't that make you less deceased?"
Sam Starfall: "That's just a hologram. But even if it was a perfect copy, it doesn't change the fact that I, personally, would be dead."
Robot: "Thank you. Now you know how we feel about back ups."

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