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Gumball: Mom... (terrified by Nicole's angry glare) It was Darwin.
Darwin: What?! (points at Anais) It was her that flooded the place!
Anais: I thought you were going to take the rap! Anyway, it was clearly Mom's fault. She was the one who left Gumball in charge.
Nicole: Well, it... it's Dad's fault for not finding a proper babysitter!
Richard: Well... none of this would have happened if it wasn't for you! (points at the computer on the floor)
Nicole: Um... who are you blaming?
Richard: (meekly) The internet?
Others: (various Sure, Let's Go with That responses)
The Amazing World of Gumball, "The Responsible"

Dani Alves: Neymar! He's been murdered! Oh, my dear Neymar... What kind of animal would do this!? [turns towards the person he suspects] SUÁREZ!
Luis Suárez: Woah, OK, hold on. I'm a biter, that's my thing, I bite. This guy? He was stabbed. This is a backstabbing, and who is the biggest backstabber of them all? [everyone turns to Mauro Icardi]
Mauro Icardi: Uh... John Terry?
Luis Suárez: MAURO ICARDI! If he can take a man's wife, he can take a man's life! And he does it with a knife... [chuckles] and he causes all the strife. [behind Suárez, Gerard Piqué and Ivan Rakitic look on unamused]
Mauro Icardi: OK, hold on. The only crime I am guilty of is falling in love! OK, yes, with my friend's wife... and then marrying her and getting a tattoo of his three kids... OK, yeah, it's messed up, I get it... but I only metaphorically backstab. Whoever did this is someone with a real history of violence. Someone like [points finger] SERGIO RAMOS!
Sergio Ramos: Ah yeah, yeah, yeah. Stop, man. I was with Mo the whole time. [turns around and reveals Mohamed Salah fused with him at the shoulder]
Mohamed Salah: It's true... unfortunately.
Sergio Ramos: Nothing else to say. And besides, I have no reason to kill Neymar, unlike... COUTINHO!
Philippe Coutinho: WHAT?
Sergio Ramos: Yes, you! The dark wizard who wishes to have Neymar's place as the crown jewel of "El Canarinho"!note 
Philippe Coutinho: This is ridiculous! Me? Stop it. First of all, why is no one accusing Ronaldo? I mean, it's a little weird that he's not here, right? [Coutinho is handed a letter from Ronaldo's lawyer, quickly reads it, then continues] What I mean is, if anyone wants Neymar out of the way it's Cavani! It's no secret they've had problems, and it appears he has fixed them... by MURDERING HIM!
The ChampionsWho killed Neymar? 

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