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The longer you’ve been in the game, the more you have to be careful about underestimating an opponent. Say you don’t think much of bureaucrats, don’t feel they’re worth your time or attention: Then a bureaucrat is the perfect person to send to kill you.
Burn Notice, "Hard Bargain"

Let me make it clear: You have screwed up. You've bent the law in more places than a Silly Straw, made a public spectacle of yourself doing it — brilliant move, by the way, bringing along a news reporter on your little “raid” in hopes of a photo op — and left a paper trail a blind idiot could follow. I'm a career bureaucrat. I know ALL the tricks, Mayor.

The Nobody's Fools are walking out of here, and they're walking out of here with a clean slate. You give me even a
moment's hassle on releasing these children and I will make you think you have your man-tackle in a pencil sharpener. I'm from the government, Mister Mayor, and I eat my own kind.
Harshwhinny, The Great Alicorn Hunt

Don't FUCK with this senator!
Senator Armstrong, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


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