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"Do you remember the story of a girl who lived a life of cinders, and how she found true love because she kept a beautiful dream in her heart? Of course, it helped that she had mouse friends who could sew and a fairy godmother who could do wonders with pumpkins. Well, that girl is me."

Otto: So the lady drove faster, but a strange car kept banging into her from behind. So, finally, she swerves off the road and into the woods and lost the other car. And that's where she realized the man in the other car wasn't trying to hurt her. No, he was trying to warn her... about the axe-wielding maniac hiding in her backseat!
Lisa: Did the maniac kill her?
Otto: Natch! And you know how I know?
Lisa: How?
Otto: Because... I was that maniac.
(cut to Homer and Marge downstairs, reacting to Lisa screaming in terror)
Otto: Hey, hey, I was just kidding!
The Simpsons, "The Otto Show"


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