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Seeing as how it is approaching Door Stopper levels of content, it's only fitting that And So We Fight has some very quotable moments.

Summary text

"Perhaps it is written in destiny that the struggle between that of Wisdom and Courage against that of Power is eternal. Perhaps it is inevitable that conflict and war shall be birthed of that struggle. But what is also eternal is our refusal to let this overwhelm us. Darkness can never win. And so we fight."


Ishaka: "Welcome to the Valley of the Damned, Sheikah."

Ishaka: "What does man love more than live? Fear more than death or mortal strife? What do the poor have, what the rich require...and what contented men desire? What does the miser spend, the spendthrift save...and all men carry unto their grave?"
Impa: [After some thinking] "Nothing."
Ishaka: "I'm sorry?"
Impa: "The answer is nothing. Our greatest love is to be alive, and our greatest fear is of the unknown that comes with death. Poor have nothing, rich need nothing. Misers never spend, and spendthrifts never save. And when we die, all we have is our name. Therefore, the only thing in common with all these different nothing."

Gawain: "The princess negotiated the deal, milady. It was met with...a reaction."

Ishaka: [about Sir Gawain] "He hold 'is liquor well, I take it?"
Impa: "Tried stealing some of ours."

Ishaka: "T'ain't fer me, Sheikah. I ain't the one whose home's bein' wrecked. I ain't got no home 'cept th' one I make. Ain't got no family other than my Ravagers. It's them settlers, th' ones that ain't got a fightin' chance, that I been fightin' fer. If'n yer gonna help us against that Sorceress an' her army...I can take yeh up on it. We Ravagers will fight with ya."

Ishaka: [about Lord Justinian] "If'n he ain't fixin' ta be adapt'ble, he ain't gonna be happy when th' enemy adapts fer him."

Zelda: "You are a welcome friend to Hyrule. But it you act in a manner that continues you down that dark path, you will not be. Am I clear?"
Ishaka: [after a moment of silence] "Transp'rently, yer highness."

Zelda: [After being woken up by Impa and looking like a complete bedhead] "Speak what is on your mind and I will have you ritualistically disemboweled."
Impa: "Good morning to you too, your highness."

Impa: "A handsome man too. A pity that he is married, or else I would recommend you pursue him."
Zelda: "Impa!"
Impa: "Oh that's right, I forgot. You prefer your men to be younger than you, you little culeeto."
Zelda: "Impa!"

    Act I 
Impa arose that morning to the sound of screaming.

Ishaka: [after Link bests one of the Ravagers] "He's still skinny."

Impa: [sees Link on the battlefield] "A new recruit?"
Ishaka: "Found 'im outside th' gates! Can I keep 'im? He's good!"
Impa: [watching Link fighting through a bunch of Bulblins] "Who is this soldier, anyway?"
Ishaka: "Dunno! Never thought ta' ask!"

Ishaka: [after Volga retreats] "COME BACK 'ERE, YAH LILLY-LIVER'D COWARD! WE. AIN'T. DONE!"

Impa: [Having reached Zelda] "Princess! Thank goodness! I'd never have reached you if not for a brave trainee!"
Ishaka: "Ah-hem!"
Impa: "And the help of Ishaka and his Ravagers of course. Really, Ishaka, what do you want? A cookie?"
Ishaka: [pretends to think about it] "Hmm...that t'would be deligtf'l..."

Zelda: "You two can continue your banter later[,] because as I am sure you can see[,] it is not necessarily the best time[. I] do not know if you have noticed[,] but these creatures are threatening the peace of my kingdom and they happen to have the audacity to do this ON MY BIRTHDAY!"

Hyrulian Soldier: [after summoning the Great Fairy, the Hyrulian forces have discovered that all of their bombs have gone missing] "Are all of our bombs gone? What do we do now?"
Zelda: "We take cover."

Impa: [rounding on Ishaka, who comforted Zelda after Justinian's death] "You. Idiot."
Ishaka: [bewildered] "What di' I do?!"

Impa: [Ishaka senses that a King Dodongo is about to attack] "Ishaka? Whatever is the matter?"
Ishaka: "It's...they've got one."
Impa: "They've [']got one[']? Whatever do you—" [senses it as well] "Oh Goddesses. EVERYONE FALL BACK!"

Ishaka: "There be other ways inta th' [Faron] Woods, Sheikah."
Impa: "Such as?"
Ishaka: "Th' Caves."
Impa: [eyes widening] "The Eldin Caves? Surely you jest."
Ishaka: "I be ser'us, though my name ain't Shirley."

They had a name. And in a way[,] that was liberating.

Lana: "I can't believe those monsters! They set fire to the Great Deku Tree! Don't they know what that'll do to the forest[?]!"
Ishaka: "Yeah, an' I bet they don' care!"

Ishaka: "What're we waitin' fer? Let's MOVE!"

Impa: [trapped underneath a dead Gohma] " me."

Lana: "Eh heh heh...I guess I have some explaining to do?"
Impa: [folding her arms] "I was just buried by a most foul beast for your forest. I'd say yes. Yes, you do."

Cia: "Am I going mad? Or are you giving me orders?"

Link: [first spoken words] "I'm not afraid."
[Everyone stares at Link, shocked.]
Link: "I'm not afraid of her. I mean, I'm upset because I fell like all of this is my fault and there was no way I could control that, but that doesn't mean I'm afraid. it means I'm willing to do whatever is necessary to do what's right."
[Silence. Then...]
Ishaka: "Hee hee hee! Spok'n like a true 'ero ther', kid! That be a man I be willin' ta follow though battl'."

    Act II 
Itami: "Fighting skills? I was talking about when he [Ishaka] gets angry."

Sheik: "You wish to anger the entire Goron race?"
Impa: "Not all of them. Just one."

Itami: "I've seen corpses that looked better after a fight than you are right now, Impa."
Impa: "Oh, come now. These are just scratches."
Itami: "Scratches that won't stop bleeding."

Darunia: "Blow me away! A different dimension? An evil sorceress? You beat me in a fist fight?"

Ruto: [from her post-release rant]
"Has your ruler LOST HER MIND?"

Impa: "No no no no. You don't get to look away from me now. Not when your secret is out. Zelda, look at me. Zelda. Zelda."

Zelda: "I wanted so desperately to reveal myself at the battle in the Valley of the Seers, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it."
Impa: "Why?"
Zelda: "I do not know. I thought that my disappearance would lead Cia to believe that I was dead, and with me dead she would become overconfident, and thus prone to mistakes? I do not know, it was a terrible plan!"

Ruto: "[']Masquerades[']? Let me tell you something, Impa. That didn't look like a puppet Zelda. That was the real deal. That was her. And if it wasn't, I'll kiss the closest man I can find!"
[Guess who shows up.]
Ruto: [looks at the soldier she was resting against, then...] "Eh. You're good."

Impa: "Generals converse frequently. It is important for good rapport. It isn't quite the same as the way you've ogled the hero, Zelda." [Zelda blushes.] "Can't say I blame you. He is a rather good-looking fellow."
Zelda: "Impa..."
Impa: "Very nice and polite, too."
Zelda: "Impa..."
Impa: "Still, you falling for a knight trainee? A bit on the cliche side of the scale, isn't it?"
Zelda: "Impa!"

Impa: "Darunia and his men can just roll right on through."
Itami: "Literally or figuratively?"
[Impa is about to laugh...until she sees Itami's expression. He's dead serious.]
Impa: "Whichever is easiest for them."

Itami: "She's [Zelda's] totally going to get herself into trouble, isn't she?"
Impa: [deadpanning] "Without a doubt."

Zelda: "The Zora do not dare."

Zelda: "So, what happens now?"
Darunia: "What do you think? I follow you through the portal, and then help you crush that Sorceress!"
Zelda: "Oh[,] Darunia, you needn't worry about—"
Darunia: "Ah bup bup bup! No chance convincin' me otherwise. You know how rock-headed us Goron are. So long as you need me, Darunia, King Under the Mountain, is yours to lead!"

Itami: "Odi dampnas officium."
[Rough translation: "I hate this damn job."]

Big Finn: "On the Hero, scummies! No one touches him!"

Cpt. Weylon: "There's a sentence I never thought I'd hear in my military career..."

Fi: "He seems loyal, Master. I would not suspect anything less from him than full support for you."

Fi: "There is a traitor in our midst, yes. But with all due respect, Girahim, your acting is as subtle as a crutch. Release the Captain, or else."

Link reared back, and he screamed.
It was a horrible, horrible sound.

Cpt. Dorias: "Dammit, son. I'm not about to enter another world just to have you die on me! Hold on, Link. Hold on."

For a moment, Ishaka, Lana and the Ravagers watched her [Agitha] go in confusion. And then, they realized that they were letting a little girl prance unarmed and unprotected across what was sure to be an open battlefield. They all gave cries of shock, and raced after the mysterious little girl.

Ishaka: "Stop talkin', yer highness..."

Ishaka: [after Midna leaves] "Does tha' thin' not know we're fightin' a Sorc'ress too?"

Ryu: "Get a move on, maggots! Let's ravage these bastards like salted earth!"

Midna: "Y'know, I could just kill you now, but I'm more impressed by the fact that you completely snuck up on me despite being the size of two, I'll give you one word. Then I kill you. And your little butterfly, too."
Ishaka: "Parley."


Ishaka: "Th' way I sees it, le's jes put this all b'hind us, an' focus on th' importan' thing."
Midna: "That being?"
Ishaka: "Witch huntin'!"

Ryu: "Put the finger down or I cut it off, your majesty."
Midna: "Sheesh! Touchy, touchy. You want my advice, cueball? You should try getting laid. It'll do wonders for that bitchy disposition."
Lana: [appalled] "Midna! That's uncalled for!"
Ryu: "Nah, she's got a point. It's been a while, I guess."
Ishaka: [clearly wanting no part in this discussion] "Movin' on."

Ishaka: "Inta th' breach wit' yeh!"

Midna: [explaining Zant to the others] "Look, us Twili are totally fine with being on the flipside of the World of Light. But not him. He has this persecution complex that would make the most fundamentalist zealot take pause. But that's not the weird part."
Lana: "What's the weird part?"
Midna: "Zant's...well, Zant's dead."
Ishaka: [not getting it] "Yeh lost me."

Midna: "ZAAAAAANT! Get your foppish ass out here, NOW!"

Zant: "Look at you: a boy pretending to be a commander. A King in rags, leading a drunken Army of Thieves and Whores!"
Ishaka: [laughs, before looking mock-hurt] "Oh, tha' ain't too nice, Zant. Some o' us Rav'gers be thievin' whores as well!"

Agitha: [while riding Meathook, she sights Ishaka] "Oh, hello[,] Mister Shasa! Isn't this most exciting?"
Ishaka: [stares in disbelief, then forces a smile] "Er...yeah! Yeah, it be th' best, yer highness." [to Meathook] "MEAT'OOK! Somethin' 'appens ta 'er, an' I'll skin yeh myself!" [resumes fighting]

Ishaka: "Why you be lookin' at me lik', shit."

Ishaka: "S-s-s-sorry, yeh highn'ss. Th-th-tha' jes' be a close 'un, is all."
Midna: [chuckles] "I don't blame ya, big guy. That was pretty scary."

Ishaka and Meathook's jaws were agape, hanging loosely and stupidly in the air. They glanced bug-eyed at the sight in front of theme, and then back at each other. After a moment of staring, they did the only thing they could.
Let out a war cry, and chase after the magic bug.

Zant: " DARE you kill my pet, you disgraceful WHOOORRRREEE!"
Midna: "Yep. That's the Zant I know."

Zant: "BRAT! You are a coward not to attack me! Fight! FIGHT!"
Ishaka: [suddenly snarling] "How 'bout this?"

Zant: "I can't see! I can't see! I CAN'T SEE! I CAN'T SEE! I CAN'T S--"
[Ishaka drives his dagger into Zant's throat.]
Ishaka: [leaning in close] "An' now yeh can't talk."

Cia: "Well, if I may say, that look suits you. Quite fitting for a big-headed princess of Twilight." [laughs haughtily]
Midna: [enraged] "Suit THIS!" [punches Cia with her hair]

    Interlude II 
Uhaa: "M-m-m-m-m-m-muh-muh-MEEDDIICCC!"

Itami: [dealing with the wounded Link] "Name?"
Cpt. Dorias: "Captain Dorias of the Skyloftian Guard."
Itami: "He's completely out cold. Was he given anything in the last hour?"
Dorias: "I gave him a homemade remedy."
Itami: [looks at him, suspicious] "Homemade? What was in it?"
Dorias: "Does it ma—"
Itami: "Yeah, it f**king matters. What was in it?" [Dorias stammers.] "Well?"
Dorias: "Gah! Uh, it had, um...two ounces of Chu-Chu jelly—"
Itami: "What color Chu-Chu?"
Dorias: "Green. A pinch of fairy dust—"
Itami: "Anything else? Anything sedative in nature?"
Dorias: "Um...two ground-up poppy flowers. Yes, definitely two."
[Itami stares at him, incredulous.]
Itami: "Two whole—were you trying to kill him? F**k, now I gotta worry about making sure he doesn't drift off forever while patching him up, thanks to you." [at the tent flap] "Somebody get me a shaman!" [back to Dorias (poor bastard)] "Unacceptable. You're an officer, you should know better than to give a kid this size that much poppy—" [notices that the others are creeping in ever so quietly] "Not another f**king step!"

Ishaka didn't even need to do anything. The others, save for Zelda and Lana, swiftly raced out of the tent to avoid the wrath of the medic on the war path.

Itami: "Okay boys, hold him down. But watch the arm! It's clearly broken, and I haven't set it in a splint yet."

Ishaka: [cutting Impa off with the first time he's ever said her name] "Impa, please."

    Act III 

    Interlude III 

    Act IV 
He [Link] turned around to see her [Zelda] smiling at him. It was a good thing that he was good at keeping a poker face, because the sight of her hair right now was perhaps the most horrifying thing he had ever seen.

Itami: [When Lana appears to have died] "YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKERS! How DARE you! HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO HER? What did she do to piss you heartless bastards off? She's. JUST. A WOMAN! She did NOTHING to deserve this! NOTHING! And you DARE to take her because you...because you think THIS IS PART OF THE PLAN? YOU THINK THIS IS HER HOUR? FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU DIN! FUCK YOU FARORE! AND FUCK YOU TOO, NAYRU! I curse your very names! I spit on your 'holy' relics! I DEFY YOUR DIVINITY! YOU. WILL NOT. TAKE HER! You think that you decide her fate? You think that you are going to carry her off to Valhalla? FUCK. THAT. I am her doctor! I decide if she lives or if she dies! And I AM GOING TO BEAT YOU!"

Soldier: [Lana starts coughing and breathing again] "...I think the Goddesses heard you, Mr. Itami."

    Act V 
Midna: [To the others after casually incinerating Zant] "Oh, I'm sorry. Did you want to kill him?"

    Grand Finale 
Ishaka: "There's one more thin', Sheikah."
Impa: "Yeah? And what's that? What could you possibly say to surprise me now?"
Ishaka: [After a moment of silence] "I love you."

Itami: [Noticing that Zelda seems to aiming an arrow at Link's head] "Princess—"
Zelda: "Itami. Shut. The fuck. Up."

Beast-Ganondorf: "I. AM. KING!"
Zelda: "That would be my father, asshole."

Ganondorf: [As Zelda is about to kill him] "For your kingdom, princess?"
Zelda: "No. For me."

Midna: [After Ganondorf's defeat] "So that's it then, eh? Pfft. That was all child's play. Who's up for round two?"

King Romulus: [As he is dying from his injuries] "Hm. I never would have thought it would be like this. Thought it would...thought it would be...a desert somewhere. A cave. Broken land, ruined. But this? I hear birds. I feel wind. Grass. Sunlight. Water. Running water. It is quiet. Soft." ... "Be not afraid. I'm going to see my family again. My son... This is good, isn't it?"

Midna: "You know, the last time I was at a crossroads like this, it ended in a way I wish I could take back."

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