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Now you run a small private school of your own, where the teenage sons and daughters of the elite learn to become leaders. Graduates of your little academy all test in the 99th percentile; you also teach them how to lust without affection, analyze without compassion, and exploit others without remorse. Your charges become ambitious little sociopaths — and their parents couldn't be happier.
Schoolmaster of Sin, Vampire: The Masquerade — Clanbook: Followers Of Set

In truth, St Gysrg's has an extensive extracurricular course of study in Nephandic approaches to magic and the Qlippothic Spheres. Most of this is reserved for the scholarship students — in reality, widderslainte who have been located and gathered in so that the process of Awakening can be expedited. Occasionally, one of the paying customers shows promise as well, but not often. Young widderslainte who are brought to the school are trained in the theory and practice of magic, as well as their unique theology and the details of the Ascension War. They are also encouraged to make friends or otherwise get their hooks into their fellow students by whatever means necessary, as most of them have the potential to be useful down the road...
Mage: The Ascension — The Book Of Madness

But there was still the matter of what to do with a six-year-old orphan. The answer was the girl's school. In a manor house tucked away among Napa Valley vineyards, she found a second home. They gave her clean white shirts and plaid skirts and a blue blazer bearing the crest of the Northern California wizard-queen. At first, there were lessons in math and reading and lots of play and music. Mostly what she learned that year was to feel safe in the care of her teachers and to find comfort in the company of her classmates.
In the second year, they started on foreign languages and the dialects of the Southern Kingdom.
In the third year, physical training began in earnest.
In the fourth year they added martial arts, drama and deportment.
First aid and poisons came in the fifth year.
In the sixth year, there were munitions and sabotage.
Defense against magic began in the seventh year.
Shooting and knife skills were added in the eighth.
In the ninth year, driving lessons.
In the tenth year, the manticore came to visit.
The Wolf and the Manticore, by Greg Van Eekhout

"If you choose to do a degree (and some of the less gifted or less ambitious students don't, instead becoming our laboratory assistants and gravediggers), you have a range of subjects to undertake, including: History of the Dead (fusty), History of Necromancy (almost as fusty), Toxicology (poisons), Theoretical Homicide (not strictly theoretical), Demonology (a farce), Mortuary Surgery, Reanimation, Experimental Necroscience, Vampiric Studies, the ever-popular Necromancy and Necromonology (my chosen degree, which involves the study of and establishing control over the dead, the latter being in my opinion an ingredient missing from my peers' experiments)."
The School Of Necromancy, by Set Sytes

"Hey, I know, we aren't supposed to talk about home. But we came from somewhere. The Battle School didn't create us, you know. The Battle School doesn't create anything. It just destroys."
Dink, Ender's Game

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