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Quotes / A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

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"Fool…What were you thinking? Too bad for you, I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing. Best of luck as a Hollow! Gah hah hah hah hah!"
Petrus of Thorolund, Dark Souls

"See, what I think is you're wolves in sheep's clothing, and in your case, Riley, a bespoke suit."
Person of Interest, "return 0"

"A wolf remains a wolf, even if it has not eaten your sheep."
V.I.N.CENT., The Black Hole

Baa-Baa black sheep, have you any soul?
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick

So could you
Listen, mark my words, one day
You will pay, you will pay
Karma's gonna come collect your debt
Set It Off, Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Tony Stark: This is absolutely mind-blowing. I mean, Pym and I were out for a drink in Soho a few weeks back and all he could do was talk about how happy he was. Even when I introduced him to that Max Factor girl with the sexy, little learning difficulties, he just bored her to death about what a wonderful woman he was married to.
Betty Ross: He was exactly the same back in college, Tony. All hearts and flowers and love-letters during lectures, and then some days Jan would walk into the cafeteria with chunks missing out of her hair.

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