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Basic Trope: Civilians flee from their country of origin to another one because of war.

  • Straight: A war breaks out between the Nations of Troperia and Wikland. The war means most people are being drafted to fight instead of harvesting the crop so there is a food shortage. Because of this famine the Bober Family - Bob, his wife Alice, his son Charles, his brothers Daniel and Edward - flee to the neutral country of Factcourt.
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  • Exaggerated: The People's Free Democratic Republic of Wikland has invaded Troperia by force. During this invasion the Wikland Death Squads are mass-executing every Troperian they come across - even the children - and dumping their bodies in mass graves. In order to escape from certain annihilation the Bober family and thousands of other Troperians flee in a mass-exodus. They go over high mountains and across blistering deserts, dying in droves along the way, to get to neutral countries and seek asylum.
  • Downplayed: A few families leave the country because of the war, but most choose to stay.
  • Justified: There is real danger for the civilians in Troperia. If they stay then they are likely to suffer or even die.
  • Inverted: The war between Troperia and Wikland causes people from neutral countries to immigrate to those two, increasing their total populations.
  • Subverted:
    • When a war correspondent asks Commander Ardent of the Free Troperia Militia about refugees, he states that the Troperian people would never abandon their homeland.
    • What seem to be the citizens of Troperia are actually the disguised Wikiland soldiers who plan to integrate themselves into any country sympathetic to the Troperian cause and bring them down from within.
  • Double Subverted: Commander Ardent is delusional, and it's later revealed that plenty of refugees are fleeing.
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  • Enforced: After the Wikiland Army conquers Troperia, they forcibly exile the native Troperians.
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  • Defied: Factcourt and several other countries all pass resolutions closing their borders to any and all refugees. Anyone attempting to enter their country without citizenship will be shot on sight.
  • Discussed:
    • "Refugees always flee. That's war for you."
    • "I'm not here to destroy your country, I just want to live my life! If I stayed home I and my children would have been killed."
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