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Playing With / No Punctuation Period

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Basic Trope: Theres no punctuation

  • Straight: There are no periods commas or apostrophes in the novel
  • Exaggerated: theres no punctuation and its all in lowercase and too many words are spelled wrong
  • Downplayed: The last sentence of each paragraph or speech balloon never ends with a period but other sentences have periods
  • Justified:
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  • Inverted: Wanton, Cruelty To. The: Common; Co'mma
  • Subverted: The novel has no punctuation but strangely its sequel does use punctuation
  • Double Subverted: The sequel was subject to Executive Meddling the author brings out a corrected edition with the proper no punctuation
  • Parodied: The characters speak their punctuation marks comma until they learn to stop doing so period
  • Zig Zagged: Chapter 1 has no punctuation Chapter 2 has correct punctuation Chapter 3 swaps commas and periods
  • Averted:
    • An archive requires all posted stories to use correct punctuation
    • The novel has correct punctuation
  • Enforced: The video games font has no punctuation marks
  • Lampshaded: The characters insult the author for not using punctuation
  • Invoked: The monster eats the novels supply of punctuation
  • Exploited: The missing punctuation creates ambiguity and allows the reader to interpret the words in a different way
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  • Defied: A character inserts commas and periods
  • Discussed: Alice forgets to use punctuation and Bob complains
  • Conversed: Bob reads fan fiction and complains about the lack of punctuation

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