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Playing With / I Just Shot Marvin in the Face

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Basic Trope: A character mishandles a gun and accidentally shoots themselves or someone else.

  • Straight: Alice casually points her pistol at Bob while talking to him, then the gun goes off and he gets shot.
  • Exaggerated:
    • Alice uses the barrel of her pistol to scratch her nose and blows her nose off.
    • Or worse, Alice is way, way, way Too Dumb to Live and attempts to pick her teeth with the trigger.
  • Downplayed: Alice has poor muzzle control and ends up accidentally wounding someone superficially.
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  • Justified: Alice has no idea what a gun is, or was never trained in how to use one.
  • Inverted: Alice controls her gun so tightly she fails to shoot an adversary in time and gets disarmed.
  • Subverted: Alice waves her gun around carelessly, it goes off, but then explains that it's just a suction dart gun.
  • Double Subverted: Alice got her suction dart pistol mixed up with her real pistol.
  • Parodied:
    • Alice carelessly waves around a super soaker. It goes off like a real gun.
    • Alice's gun goes off at her friend Marvin. She almost yells the titular quote, until Bob comes up and points out that she shot him in the chin, not the face. They get in an argument over whether the chin is considered part of the face while Marvin slowly bleeds to death.
    • Alice, despite pointing the gun at herself, somehow manages to shoot Bob.
  • Zig-Zagged: Alice catches herself pointing her pistol at Bob and hastily corrects herself, explaining that even though it's just a suction dart gun, she shouldn't get sloppy. Turns out it's a real gun, which she finds out when she deliberately fires at a target. Bob is standing behind the target.
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  • Averted: Alice practices proper gun safety.
  • Enforced: The film is a comedy, and Alice's ineptitude with guns is a Running Gag.
  • Lampshaded: "Shouldn't you know better than that? I mean, you gesture a weapon around like that and it's got to be some kind of dramatic law that you'll —" [*BLAM!*] "... shoot someone."
  • Invoked: Bob trains Alice poorly in gun safety so she can assassinate someone else indirectly.
  • Exploited: Someone replaces the blanks in Alice's gun with live rounds, knowing that she doesn't take firearms seriously, in the hopes of indirectly assassinating someone else.
  • Defied: Bob slaps Alice's pistol away and gives her an on-the-spot lecture about gun safety.
  • Discussed: "You know, if you keep doing that, one of these days you're going to shoot some unlucky sop in the face."
  • Conversed: "I can't believe she's just waving it around like that. Five bucks says she shoots Bob in the face."
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  • Implied: Alice and Bob are offscreen. A gunshot rings out. Enter Alice with a distraught expression, Bob with blood oozing from his face, or both.
  • Deconstructed: Alice's complete lack of adherence to gun safety is evidence of how lackadaisically she treats her job and her firearms. After she shoots Bob, her firearms license is suspended and she goes up on criminal charges. Bob suffers permanent injury and never fully recovers.
  • Reconstructed: Alice has a few accidents as a rookie, but with the help of other characters soon becomes more adept at gun safety over the course of the work.
  • Played for Laughs: Juggling Loaded Guns.
  • Played for Drama: Alice must deal with the psychological ramifications of accidentally killing someone.

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