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Playing With / Bottomless Pits

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Basic Trope: A random chasm or drop that kills you if you fall in it. Alternately, a pit that is effectively as deep as it needs to be.

  • Straight: There is a massive chasm ahead on the hero’s path, and it’s so deep the bottom is invisible...whether due to camera issues or light issues. Jumping in leads to death.
  • Exaggerated: The pit serves as a barrier to all passage, as it’s long enough to fill the horizon.
  • Downplayed:
    • Non-Lethal Bottomless Pits
    • You can actually see the bottom of the pit, but it's obviously fatal to jump into due to it's depth.
  • Justified:
    • The game’s set on a Shattered World: of course these are everywhere.
    • They’re literally bottomless, being holes in space-time that are more like black holes than true pits.
  • Inverted:
    • Jumping down the pit is the only way to save yourself from an otherwise unavoidable barrage of arrows.
    • The pit opens in the roof and reverse gravity, sending you flying upwards into the stratosphere
  • Subverted:
  • Double Subverted:
    • The hero hits a trapdoor, and THAT one is bottomless.
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    • He’s then pulled back in by a massive hand that emerges from the darkness of the pit.
  • Parodied:
  • Zig Zagged: It’s actually a tunnel: anything going in will be thrown out the other side of the planet, neatly charbroiled due to the earth’s core.
  • Averted: All pits have visible ends, with or without spikes of doom. o.
  • Enforced: It’s a platform game.
  • Lampshaded:
    • “Seriously? A yawing chasm into oblivion? In a CASTLE? Who make these things?”
    • “Ahh, it’s another one of those mysterious death pits isn’t it?” “How cliché. But they’re not disappearing anytime soon.
  • Invoked:
    • Emperoer Evulz insists on putting the pits everywhere.
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    • You gain an item mid-game that lets you put them anywhere you want.
  • Exploited:
  • Defied: Bottomless Pit Rescue Service
  • Discussed: “Why did you think that would work? I can FLY!”
  • Conversed: “Why do you always die at the bottom of the pit? It’s not like you can hit the ground!”
  • Implied: The hero drops a torch down the pit, and it disappears into blackness before hitting the bottom. He wisely decides to avoid it.
  • Deconstructed:
    • If you fall into a bottomless spit, you die of thirst. It takes days to die that way…in and out of game.
    • Building all those pits has exhausted Evulz’s resources for little actual gain, as they do comparatively little to stop the hero’s progress.
    • Anything that falls into a pit is lost forever. The pit will gradually drain natural resources and disrupt the ecosystem of any planet it’s on prevent it being recycled and slowly turning it into a barren wasteland.
  • Reconstructed:
    • The hero has a Cyanide Pill for this exact purpose.
    • …Allowing Baron Bloodfirst to take over easily, who abuses the pits mercilessly.
    • Anything going down the pit ends up in a new, stranger ecosystem, like deep sea ecosystems on earth. This allows some nutrients to be cycled back to ground level.
  • Played For Laughs: The hero laughs off the idea he could fall into one of these pits, and then immediately trips over one.
  • Played For Drama: The hero lost a loved one down the pit, and doesn’t even have a Tragic Keepsake to show for it.

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