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Playing With / Aliens Love Human Food

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Basic Trope: People of foreign nations, planets, etc. enjoy the locals' food despite how strange it may be for them.

  • Straight: Alone, recently shipwrecked, and starving; Alice the alien finds herself among humans on the Insignificant Little Blue Planet where she takes the brave plunge into a plate of curry rice and becomes an immediate aficionado for it.

  • Exaggerated:
    • Alice develops an addiction to curry rice and must consume as much of it as possible.
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    • Her entire race invades Earth just to get a taste of the curry and nothing more.
    • Alice's race is so advanced that they normally eat Food Pills, and consider having to make one's own food the mark of an inferior species that needs help...but after one bite of curry rice, Alice renounces her heritage and takes up permanent residence on Earth.

  • Downplayed: While not to her usual personal tastes, Alice simply settles for the curry just to get her strength back.

  • Inverted:
    • A human enjoys food that isn't from Earth.
    • Alice's physiology immediately rejects the curry and more. Cue Vomit Discretion Shot.

  • Justified:
    • All Planets Are Earth-Like, but alien cultures certainly aren't.
    • Deep down, the food in Alice's country is surprisingly similar to Bob's in both taste and texture.
    • Biological reasoning on why curry rice is so appealing to Alice's physiology.

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  • Subverted: Alice manages to get one bite down, but then decides that the curry isn't for her.

  • Double Subverted: However, Alice likes most other foods even less; so she goes back to the curry.

  • Parodied: Uncertain if Alice can eat curry, the humans discover their idea has Gone Horribly Right where Alice goes on an eating rampage.

  • Zig-Zagged: She eventually does find something else she enjoys more than the curry. However, it's a delicacy that most locals wouldn't even try eating.

  • Averted: Alice simply sticks to her own planet's cuisine, both in ingredients and preparation.

  • Enforced: How do we get alien Alice and human Bob closer together? Through Her Stomach, that's how! Just don't worry about their biological differences.

  • Lampshaded:
    Bob: Sure beats your advanced Food Pills, doesn't it?

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  • Exploited: Earth is able to enter the galactic community by selling itself as a culinary destination and make itself rich from the tourism traffic.

  • Defied:
    Alice: Curry rice? No matter how hungry I am, I'm not eating this Slimegarian slop!

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