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Nightmare Fuel / Vikings

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  • The Blood Eagle, a horrific form of execution reserved for those who commit the most heinous crimes. When Ragnar is administering this punishment to Earl Borg, many of the battle-hardened Viking warriors in attendance are clearly disturbed by it.
  • Torstein's arm being amputated with a red-hot axe.
  • Helga, Siggy and Aslaug's shared dreams become increasingly creepy throughout S3E2.
  • Rollo eating shrooms and going berserk in the Viking camp. He walks over to a sleeping Mercian prisoner and hacks his leg to bits, then stumbles around the camp in a stupor.
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  • Rollo coming home from war to find that while he was gone Siggy drowned in an icy lake.
  • Judith suffering the Biblical punishment for adultery: having her nose and ears cut off. In front of a jeering crowd. Though King Ecbert stops the mutilation after she loses an ear when she names Athelstan as the father.
    • Her actress really carries the scene, positively howling in fear, pain, and anguish throughout the whole ordeal, and without turning it into Narm.
  • Throughout "Breaking Point", Ragnar is suffering from internal bleeding after falling off the ramparts of Paris in the previous episode, and several times he vomits and urinates blood. His horrific fever dream of Odin, Jesus, and Athelstan doesn't make things any better.
  • When Judith stabs Kwenthrith, she turns to Ecbert and accusingly tells him to look at what he'd made her become. The way it is filmed, the music in the background, and the actress' delivery make it pretty damn creepy at best.
  • Kjetill and Frodi's murder and implied cannibalism of Eyvind's family is really horrific. Especially since we have been lead to believe they where the good guys.


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