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Nightmare Fuel / Trick & Treat

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Yes, this is what happens to Amelia in all dead ends

  • The way the game kicks off without Amelia really doing anything to trigger what happens. She's simply following her master through the mansion when Richard gives them a cryptic greeting and disappears. Offended, Charlotte chases after him, leaving Amelia alone and not knowing what to do. Considering that she's a newborn familiar and it has been stated that she's completely helpless without Charlotte, the poor girl is stuck in a terrifying and deadly situation.
  • In one room early in the game, there's a painting of a smiling young man. It appears to be an ordinary painting... until you walk away from it, and it changes of a picture of Richard without a face. And yes, the young man is Richard when he was human.
  • Dead End 1 - The Halloween Dinner: If Amelia answers to the ghostly cook that the dinner is pumpkin, the cook proceeds to decapitate her, since she's a pumpkin familiar after all.
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  • Dead End 2 - Love Makes People Blind: Amelia finds a ghostly figure of Richard doing the "she loves me, she loves me not". If Amelia answers with "she doesn't love you", the ghost goes mad with grief and kills Amelia in order to paint his flower red. Which becomes sadder in hindsight after how Richard was rejected by Charlotte and taken advantaged of by many gold diggers in the past...
  • What happens if Amelia enters the dungeons and ignored John, thus not getting the flashlight. There's a sudden Black Screen of Death and John berating Amelia for ignoring him....cue instant game over, without a bad end title.
  • The dungeon. OH, THE DUNGEON.
    Paint everythnig red, red, red.
  • The newspaper in the library. Apparently Richard and John had been stealing and murdering people in order to survive and protect their identities. The article also describes John (who had been kind and supportive towards Amelia) as a ruthless man talented with weapons....
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  • Dead End 4 - Some Books are Nice to Read And Some People are Nice to Eat : Amelia is eaten alive by a monstruous-looking book in the library.
  • The Bonus Room reveals something very, very disturbing. All those deathly traps in the mansion? They were magically controlled by John, the nice and elegant butler.
  • The fact that Marilyn cursed John along with Richard just for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • The Bad Ending - Going Home Alone. Amelia becomes weaker and weaker and faints in the pumpkin room. Charlotte doesn't find her on time (and if she's to be believed, Amelia ceased to exist, because of the magic of the mansion). She takes out her anger at Richard, who proceeds who blame her for intruding into his mansion and blaming her for leaving Amelia behind to die. In reply, Charlotte says that she'll "become a hero" as the floor starts trembling and everything fades to black. The after-credits scene show Charlotte walking away, but the mansion is gone. Meaning that she killed Richard and John.

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