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Nightmare Fuel / Total Recall (1990)

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  • Quaid's nightmare at the beginning of the movie, which also foreshadows what will happen at the film's climax.
  • The mere idea that your entire life up until this point was all a lie, and someone out there has stolen your real memories from you.
    • "Honey, I love you." "Sorry dear, I'm just a secret agent here to make sure you cause no shit. Our marriage isn't real."
  • The scene where Quaid uses an innocent bystander as a human shield, resulting in blood and guts splattering everywhere.
    • Bloke had already been shot dead, Quaid was using his dead body as the shield.
  • The Johnny Cab taxis feature an Uncanny Valley animatronic bust of Robert Picardo. It gets truly creepy when it becomes the robotic version of a Deranged Taxi Driver upon Quaid refusing to pay the fee and calling him a dickhead, causing Johnny Cab to SCREAM furiously with sparks coming out of his mouth, then he attempts to run over Quaid, only to crash directly into a wall and burst into flames... and then we close-up on Johnny's horribly melting face in the blazing inferno before he explodes.
    We hope you enjoyed the ride! Haha!
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  • Quaid's fat lady mask opening up is a bit unsettling by today's standards due to the feeling of Uncanny Valley the effect gives off, though it is rather funny at the same time. Then he tosses the head over to some guards, where it taunts them and then explodes in their faces:
    "Get ready for a surpriiiiise!" *KABOOM!*
  • Just imagine being in a place where you must remain indoors at all times, and if you step (or in this case, get sucked) outside, you'll die an unimaginably horrifying and painful death.
    • Plus the windows at this place that separate you from the outside are hardly reinforced and can be broken with a mere gunshot. Not quite the ideal vacation spot.
  • Kuato's appearance. Not only does he look as if Baby Herman got re-designed by Satan, but then there's the added fact that he's protruding from the stomach of what at first appears to be a normal human.
  • Richter's arms getting gruesomely ripped off, particularly as he can tell it's going to happen before hand (due to there not being enough clearance for his arms to fit) but is helpless to do anything but scream a Big "NO!", though this scene is lightened up a bit with Quaid's line "See you at the party, Richter!"
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  • What is quite possibly the CMoNF in the movie comes right at the climax with Cohaagen's death (as shown in the above image). He is sucked out onto the surface of Mars and dies an excruciating death due to both suffocation and decompression, the most memorable part being when the decompression causes his eyes, along with the optic nerves behind them, to bug right out of his sockets, all while he screams in pure agony.
  • Quaid and Melina too getting exposed to the Mars atmosphere, causing their eyes to expand three sizes as they desperately gasp for air.
  • The thought that Quaid's entire adventure on Mars was just a dream and he is about to be lobotomized back on Earth.
  • Quaid had to use a device to pull the homing tracker out of his brain through his nose. It can't be good for your sinus.
    • He put the tracker inside the rest of the candy bar, which was eaten by a rat, whom Richter blasted to bits in anger.

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