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Nightmare Fuel / Torchwood: Miracle Day

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  • Nobody dying sounds great at first, but then we're shown the implications: people are only living, not healing from anything. Without people dying the world will be overridden in four months, and nearly all bacteria will become medicine resistant. Hospitals are already running out of room in the ICU. And due to certain legal loopholes, convicted rapists and murderers whose executions fail can be set free, since they technically served their sentences.
    • Oh and then there's the woman whose husband strangles her, and since she can't die, he keeps strangling her. And he can't be convicted of homicide because any laws regarding a human death are rendered moot by now.
    • A couple of episodes in we get a mention that improperly developed fetuses that would normally end up as stillborn go on living. Jesus Christ. Mercifully no examples of this are actually shown.
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    • How about the 45 club? Leaping from the 45th floor of a building or higher is enough to cause such severe brain trauma that a person will likely never regain consciousness. It's now the only effective way to commit suicide. Really makes you wonder how much this happened and how many people ended up painfully crippled before they figured out it worked.
  • The Modules. Sweet zombie Christ, the Modules.
  • What happens to the founder and spokeswoman of Dead Is Dead is most definitely this. Especially when you consider the And I Must Scream aspects. For her, the end of the Miracle will be a kindness. She was tied up and gagged in her car, which was put into a crusher. For the duration of the Miracle, nobody on Earth can die. Suffer, yes. Die, no.
    • Even worse when you realise the Miracle lasted for over 2 months.
  • The Wham Ending of "The Categories of Life" makes everything else the show's pulled off to date look downright pleasant by comparison.
    • And the above is Sweet Dreams Fuel compared to what happens to Jack on "Immortal Sins." After trying to stab Jack, Angelo and his neighbors discover that he can't die. In a prime example of crossing the line, they start exploitation shows in the butchery. You heard that right: Jack becomes an UNDERGROUND FREAKSHOW as he can't do anything to stop the New Yorkers from stabbing him and taking his blood in an attempt to gain immortality. Yeesh...
      • As if it couldn't get any worse, among those attending the underground exploitation is a LITTLE GIRL.
      • The music that plays at first in the scene where Angelo stabs Jack is unnerving.
  • "The New World". The whole of the Earth is now immortal. A man blows himself up, leaving behind a burnt, twisted corpse that happens to still be alive and conscious. Then, as a medical test, the few tendons that make up the man's neck are cut with pliers to see if he can survive without a head. He can. Plus there's Oswald Danes' defence of raping and killing a 12-year old girl: "She should have run faster."
    • Scratch that. Miracle Day is run on Nightmare Fuel. Getting blown up, getting stabbed through the chest in a car wreck, or having your car crushed with you inside it... all while you're fully conscious.
  • Oswald's final words are him screaming how he intends to go to Hell so he can continue to chase and molest his 12-year-old victim. It's incredibly creepy that not only does he consider his rape victim to be a "bad girl" in Hell, but that he thinks it's a matter of fact and that he wants to continue going after her.
  • Brian Friedkin's Cruel and Unusual Death via suicide bombing, which also takes out Olivia Colasanto and everyone else in the car... oh, but the Miracle is still in effect.
    • Same goes for Allen Sharpiro and Noah Vickers being blown up by Charlotte Wills.
    "Oh, FUCK."
  • The Adult Fear portrayed in the shocking twist at the end of "The Middle Men" as Gwen gets messages from the Three Families through an Eye Drive:
    We have your mother.
    We have your husband.
    We have your ...
    Gwen: (gasping in fear) Who... Who are you..? What d'you want...? WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!:
    ...We want Jack.
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  • The first shot of the Blessing is downright chilling (at least assuming you don't get distracted by its Unfortunate Character Design). For the entire season, the series has built up the idea that something caused the Miracle, and that Phicorp has something to do with it. Then we find out that whatever this thing is, it's running through the entire Earth; whatever it is, it's not just incredibly powerful, it's huge. And then finally, at the end of the second-to-last episode, we finally see it. This... thing. We have no context for what it is, no idea of what else it can do or how it works, but we know that it is incredibly powerful and in the control of one of the most dangerous organizations on Earth. And just to make things worse, by the end of the series, we still have no idea what exactly this thing is, or even if it's alive or not.
  • The fact that, once the Miracle goes on for long enough, despite having stood up and blown up the ovens that were burning Cat 1s earlier, everyone has fully accepted them as just a fact of life... because really, what else CAN they do? Cat 1s will never recover, never die, anyone suffering from some form of disease or virus is essentially a perpetual breeding ground (viruses are technically alive, right? So they'd never die either), and sure, they'll continue living if you don't feed or hydrate them, but that's also actively cruel in its own right... The ovens ARE horrifying, but really, what else can be done, considering that if they don't, they'd still eventually end up at a point where these people would be stacked up like kindling in a storage shed ANYWAY because they'll never improve OR decline.

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