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Nightmare Fuel / Skippy Dies

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  • Carl. Just everything about Carl.
    • Carl sets fire to Skippy's (wooden) locker to make him pay for daring to court Lori when Carl has decided she belongs to him. When Skippy comes running, he sees Carl staring at him with Empty Eyes, looking positively hellish in the firelight.
    • When Skippy challenges Carl to the fight, he shows no emotion, and Skippy thinks looking into his eyes is like looking into an abyss. Skippy tells him he wants to fight, and Carl laughs slowly and mechanically, like a robot. The whole description of him makes him seem inhuman. Then, he leans in close to Skippy's ear, and whispers, "You faggot, I am going to kill you."
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    • The scene where Carl and Barry are caught by the gang of drug dealers, and the thugs act as if they are going to murder them right there for stepping on their turf. Cool and calculating Barry is terrified, but what's worse is freaking Carl. Part of him is scared, but he is mostly excited to watch Barry die, seeing it as fitting for getting them both into this. Even after the gang reveals they were only joking, they still pin Barry down and break his arm with a metal bar. The only reason they don't do the same to Carl is that they see the dozens of cuts he's made on his arm, think he's crazy, and back off.
    • Carl fantasizing about hurting people/Lori in sexual situations. Given how violent and constantly horny he is, it seems like he might actually do some that stuff, and it's implied he does with Janine.
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  • The sequences where Skippy is feeling the effects of the painkillers are so surreal and unnerving, they qualify as this.
  • Almost every scene with Father Green, especially when he's alone with Skippy, especially when you get to read his thoughts.
    • The part of his inner monologue that all but states that he molested kids in Africa while there as a missionary:
    And the air is filled by that burning wind, that roiling stew of carnality: animal sweat, the fetor of unwashed loins, white eyes rolling at you while black arms hammer langorously at the walls of the church, that tiny outpost of decency, so laughably flimsy in the relentless heat -
    • And this man fantasizes about molesting poor Skippy. It doesn't get much creepier than that.


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