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  • In the third volume, Howard finally stops being his spineless self for a minute and calls Costigan out on his immoral bullshit. Granted, it doesn't work, but Howard's the only character to really stand up to the slimy bastard.
  • At the Halloween Hop, Dennis and Niall get one for sheer ballsiness (combined with Funny Moment) when they go as Principal Costigan and his wife Trudy respectively. Costigan sees them and after a full minute of staring at them, he leaves without a word.
  • Skippy also gets one for having the balls to challenge Carl, a cruel and merciless bully, to a fight when the latter torches his locker. The outcome of the fight, however, is even better: after ducking and dodging the whole fight, Skippy wins with one punch to Carl's glass jaw.
    • Before challenging him, quiet and shy Skippy deciding that he won't take that crap anymore and he's going to date Lori, Carl be damned, counts too:
    Geoff: You can't go to Lori's house, Skip! Carl will kill you!
    Skippy: I'm going to go. Carl's not going to stop me.
    Geoff: But, uh, Skip, what if he does stop you?
    Skippy: He can try.
    Geoff: What's that supposed to mean?
    Skippy: Maybe it's time someone stopped him.
    Geoff: What are you talking about? You don't stand a chance against him!
    Dennis: This way you're going to lose the girl, and get stomped into the ground.
    Geoff: And you've got a race in three days! Skippy, how will you be able to race if you're stomped into the ground? (Skippy is already leaving) Skippy?
  • Howard running into the burning building against warnings to rescue Ruprecht, shrugging off his reputation as "Howard the Coward" once and for all. Even if he ends up rescuing Carl instead.

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