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Nightmare Fuel / Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

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  • Eris. A Goddess of Chaos and Discord whose very appearance screams Uncanny Valley. She's animated in a way to mix Surreal Horror with fluctuating animation compared to the other characters, just to show how much of a Humanoid Abomination creature she is. Worse is she wants to cause chaos and death to the world For the Evulz and is virtually omnipotent unless bound by her word.
  • Most of the sequence with the Sirens is equal parts beautiful, hilarious, and awesome for Marina. But then there's the part where Rat is pulled underwater by one of them and nearly drowns. We even get a delightful shot of him struggling to get away when he comes to his senses.
    • The whole buildup to their appearance is extremely disturbing and creepy. First there's the Chimaera making its way through the graveyard of ships with only utter silence, the splashing of waves and creaking of oars and rigging, and the occasional bit of barely audible music to make the nerves crawl. Some of the ships are littered with human bones. Then comes that distant, ethereal crooning that somehow just makes you want to hear more, find out where it's coming from. When the Sirens finally appear, they are an oddly beautiful but watery Uncanny Valley—until they finally reveal their true nature, with More Teeth than the Osmond Family Slasher Smiles.
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  • After Sinbad makes a comment on Tartarus, the land of ruin, endlessly shifting sands, and just lifelessness in general, we get this from the goddess.
    Eris: "Like it? I plan on doing the whole world this way."
  • Proteus was only an inch away from getting beheaded, before Sinbad's throwing knife severed the axe's haft. And same with Sinbad when he takes his place, before Eris shatters the sword to pieces at the last possible second.

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