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Nightmare Fuel / Shadowhunters

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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked.

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    Season 1 
Episode 7 - Major Arcana
  • When Simon finally goes to visit Camille at the Hotel Du Mort to ask her if he is turning into vampire, she assures him it's all temporary. He begins to relax and then:
    Simon: But I'm okay? I'm still human?
    Camille: Well, of course you are. (beat) Or at least, you would have been.
    Camille lunges at the camera, baring her fangs, just as the episode ends.

    Season 2 
Episode 5 - Dust and Shadows
  • The demon in Dust and Shadows. It's played by a contortionist meaning the way it moves is highly unsettling.
    • As well as this, its intentions for Clary, who is locked in a basement with it.

Episode 15 - A Problem Of Memory

    Season 3 
  • Lilith controlling people and using them to kill their loved ones as part of a sacrifice. Her first victim just smiles as he slices his wife's throat in the street and watches her bleed out.
  • She later meets a few new converts, a woman speaking blankly on strangling her husband. Lilith then takes blood from her and the others for a spell. The way they just stand staring off is creepy but more chilling is when you realize these are people she just chose at random to turn them into killers.
Episode 9 - Familia Ante Omnia
  • Clary watches as the various prisoners of the Guard are executed, burned alive by staffs. Even though many of them are brutal killers, Clary openly states even they don't deserve to die in such a horrible way.
    • And all while she's shackled and standing in line for the same fate.
  • Heidi manipulating a very hungry Simon into going to his family's house where she is holding his mother and sister hostage. She then cuts his sister's neck. He fights it for a bit but eventually succumbs to biting his own sister.
Episode 17 - Heavenly Fire
  • It finally comes out what the secret sect led by Aldertree is up to: intending to use Heavenly Fire and spread it around the world which will turn all Downworlders into Mundanes. It's openly stated how it's turning them against their will and ripping them of their true gifts which everyone is horrified by.


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