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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked.

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    Season 1 

Episode 5 - Moo Shu to Go

  • Clary being friendly and encouraging to Alec, even though she has more reason than anyone to be angry with him after the events of "Raising Hell."

Episode 6 - Of Men and Angels

  • When Magnus is running out of time and strength to heal Luke, Alec shows up and literally lends his strength. Then, once Luke is healed and awake, while the others are fussing over Luke, Magnus slumps down in exhaustion and Alec supports him, quietly asking if he's okay.
  • The growing bond between Clary and Isabelle, particularly when Izzy asks Clary to tell her more stories about what an amazing mom Jocelyn has been.
  • The Lightwoods' love for each other. Izzy and Max seem to be the only ones who can get Alec to smile a genuine smile.

Episode 10 - This World Inverted

  • While it's sad in a way, alt!Simon and Clary's rapport is too cute for words.

Episode 12 - Malec

  • Magnus and Alec's Big Damn Kiss, also a Moment of Awesome.
    • It's even more heartwarming, if that's possible, outside a shipping context. Alec has spent this whole season angsting over his sexuality and doing his best to hide it so his parents won't be disappointed. Seeing him smiling shyly at Magnus afterward, clearly relieved, is the best kind of tearjerker.

Episode 13 - Morning Star

  • Alec and Clary's evolving friendship. They start out with a tension-filled-dislike (mostly on Alec's side) for each other that becomes a strong friendship, which is solidified when Alec saves Clary from jumping through the portal after Jace, and letting her hug him and actually returning the hug when Clary breaks down.

    Season 2 
Episode 1 - This Guilty Blood
  • Alec apologizing to Magnus after their brief fight at the Institute, acknowledging that they're both new to the relationship and agreeing to take it easy for a while.

Episode 2 - A Door in the Dark

  • Magnus helping Simon with his fear of snakes. Granted, he did this by leaving him in a room with a fire-breathing cobra, but it worked.

Episode 4 - A Day of Wrath

  • The entire relationship between Magnus and Raphael. It's revealed that Magnus has acted as a Parental Substitute to Raphael for decades, treating the vampire like his own son and mentoring him in the way Magnus himself hadn't been afforded as a child. They're so close that both Aldertree and Camille view Raphael as an easy target to get to Magnus.
    Magnus: Aldertree knows how I took you in. How you are like a son to me. That's why he did this.
    Raphael: He was looking for Camille.
    Magnus: And punishing me at the same time.
  • After cooling things down, Magnus sends Raphael and Simon away to Catarina before summoning Camille. Why does he do this? Because he doesn’t want Camille anywhere near Raphael and also doesn't want them around to hear the horrible things she'll say about him.

Episode 7 - How Are Thou Fallen

  • Alec giving Magnus a present. It's a tiny talisman, probably not very useful (or magical), but Magnus' quiet joy is incredibly endearing. He is astonished that someone would give him anything, even says that it has been years since he had gotten a gift and that he's more used to people demanding things. Later, he treasures that talisman and carries it with him wherever he goes.

Episode 8 - Love Is A Devil

  • Jace is prickly toward Magnus at first, especially concerning Alec. But after they talk it becomes obvious that Jace is actually happy for his brother, and just wants him to be safe and happy. When the two come to an understanding that they both just want what is best for Alec, it becomes pretty clear that any hostility between the two is long gone.
  • Magnus agrees to put up with Alec's mother and host a party for Shadowhunters all for Alec's sake, even going so far as to plan it specifically to Maryse's tastes.
  • Clary assuring Alec that no matter what he heard her say under the effects of the spell, she doesn't hate him or blame him for what happened to her mother.

Episode 10 - By The Light of Dawn

  • Jace willingly saves Simon's life and even compliments him on his newfound fighting skills. The two have come along way from wanting to fight each other.
  • Alec and Magnus saying "I love you" to each other.

Episode 11 - Mea Maxima Culpa

  • Alec is in full-on caregiver mode in this episode. He tries to tend to Izzy as she struggles with venom withdrawal and is very upset when she runs off. Likewise, he is concerned about Magnus after the summoning of Azazel goes bad. But most significantly, he demonstrates how much he cares for his parabatai when he immediately pulls a weeping Jace into a big hug without needing to be asked.
  • Raphael, despite the temptation he feels, refuses to bite Izzy even when she threatens him with a seraph blade. He then makes a beeline to Magnus and Alec to warn them that Izzy might seek a vampire bite from somebody not under his authority.

Episode 12 - You Are Not Your Own

  • After that discovering that Jace is her long-lost grandson, Imogen Herondale proudly tells him that he's just like his biological father and gives him the family ring.

     Season 3 

Episode 7 - Salt in the Wound

  • After being thrown off a roof onto a car, who's the first person Clary calls? Simon. And he instantly drops what he's up to in order to race to her side without a pause.
  • Clary admits how she used a wish to revive Jace, telling Alec to turn her in to the Guard if he wants. Instead, he hugs her and says "I'd have done the same thing."

Episode 10 - Erchomai

  • Waking up from his attack, Simon's sister makes it clear she doesn't blame him for biting her and actually thinks him being a vampire is cool. Simon tells of how their mother hates him so he's going to erase her memory of this and let her think Simon is dead. He offers to do the same to his sister but she refuses saying that he's her brother and she loves him no matter what. So much so that she's willing to keep his secret and let their mom think him dead as they embrace.

Episode 12 - Original Sin

  • Eager to live as a mortal, Magnus is racing around New York for new experiences. Alec makes it clear that "you race around, you miss what's important" and he looks forward to growing old with his love.
  • Simon gets rid of the Mark but is left completely weakened. Izzy offers some blood and is told just a wrist sip isn't enough. With just a brief hesitation, she lets Simon drink from her to the point of death, willing to give so much for him.
  • Clary and Jace reunite. In Paris. In front of the Eiffel Tower, no less.

Episode 16 - Stay With Me

  • Magnus admits he's terrified of losing his magic as he's convinced it was his status as the great warlock that won Alec over and without that, Alec will leave him. Alec basically calls him an idiot as it's Magnus Alec loves, not his magic. It pushes Magnus to give his magic up to save his life.
  • Alec goes to his mom to ask for the family ring as he's going to propose to Magnus.

Episode 19 - Aku Cinta Kamu

  • Raphael speaks of how amazing it feels to be human again such as how, for the first time in 80 years, he can attend morning mass and plant flowers at his sister's grave. While he clearly is adjusting, he obviously loves finally being back in the sun as he long dreamed.
  • The Malec flashbacks. Alec leads Magnus by hand to a place to put a special lock symbolizing their eternal love. After blowing the words "Aku Cinta Kamu" onto the lock, Alec asks what the words say and Magnus responds with the episode's title with it meaning I Love You in Indonesian. Magnus and Alec take Madzie to get Ice Cream and Malec discusses having a family. Magnus is unsure about being a Dad because of who his father is. Alec assures Magnus that he would make a great Dad and when Magnus does have a family, he won't be having one alone.


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