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Nightmare Fuel / Return of Ultraman

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The last face Aki Sakata expected to see after Christmas shopping.

  • Aki is kidnapped and thrown in a car. To her horror, Ken is run over when he tried to rescue her. Then she sees the true face of the passenger next to her...
  • The scene at the beginning of Episode 6, when Jack's time runs out and he just vanishes with a setting sun as a backdrop. His pose and the background music made it much worse.
  • Bemstar's first scene in Ep. 18. It may have set the stage for the opening of Ultraman Leo Ep. 40, which was even scarier...
  • From the same episode, Jack almost bit the dust after his failed stunt (you know the one).
  • Goh survives the attack by Black King and Alien Knackle, energy depletion, a crucifixion, and being paraded upside down in space to be accused of cowardice by possessed MAT teammates and the captain, and taken outside to die by firing squad when he returned.
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  • What Captain Ibiki saw at the end of Episode 31 was not a child!

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