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  • Ultraseven's rescues of Ultraman Jack, especially when he gave Jack the Ultra Bracelet, were awesome.
    • In one of these (when he rescued Jack from crucifixion), he teamed-up with the original Ultraman, resulting in three Ultras appearing in the same episode.
  • The farewell scene in Ep. 51 is this and a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Not to mention the final battle. Jack had to fight the Final Boss of the original Ultraman series, the one that killed Ultraman, while the alien in question had backup. Jack still wins.
  • Alien Knuckle's defeat in his second fight with Jack.
  • The finale of Ep. 1, when Ultraman talks to Goh, who then begins to understand his role as a human host.
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  • Goh's selflessness, a prime example being Ep.2's rescue in the oil refinery. Earlier in the episode, Goh got a teammate hurt and he himself was suspended from MAT for being impetuous. Capt Katoh realized then what an asset to the team Goh was.
  • In Ep. 1, Ultraman Jack hovers over Goh in his hospital bed, explains what just happened and what Goh did that impressed him, and fell into Goh! A little Nightmare Fuelish, but still cool.
  • The Ultra Bracelet saved Jack's life in Episode 40.
  • The final battle in Episode 7. EVERY. SINGLE. PART OF IT. Between MAT having a Big Damn Heroes moment with them blowing up Twin Tail's eyes, Gudon and Twin Tail themselves being freaking ferocious as a kaiju can be, and Jack's ultimately slaying Gudon are what makes this entire thing one of the most epic scenes in the entire Showa part of the Ultra series.

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