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Funny / Return of Ultraman

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  • Goh's race car was burned after his temporary death as a way to honor him. So the Sakata sibs had a hard time explaining to Goh what had happened when he showed up.
  • Goh wakes up all smiles after Ultraman possessed him, just as a nurse walks into his hospital room...
  • Jiro's Establishing Character Moment was his very first scene: he comes into the Sakata's card shop yelling about an alien attack, picks up an over-sized wrench, and runs off to join the fray to the astonishment of Aki, Ken, and even Goh.
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  • Rumiko's Wedding Smashers scene in the last episode.
  • MAT is having a bad day in Episode 48. They can't get around to do anything, like fly planes, shoot guns, or even stop yawning...

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