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YMMV / Return of Ultraman

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  • Awesome Music / Ear Worm
    • Wandabada wandabada.... That's just the last part of the tune (M.A.T. Theme). Part I sounds suspenseful, Part II is slow, like a 007 leitmotif by John Barry, Part III sounds like a Western tune by Ennio Morricone (no wailing vocal, though!), then on to the (much faster) Wandaba part. Is Tohru Fuyuki a genius or what?
    • Episode 34 has this gem.
    • "The Ultraman who Rises at Twilight", an instrumental version of which was the Theme Music Power-Up.
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    • The awesome, but ultimately unused opening theme, "Fight, Ultraman!".
  • Complete Monster: Alien Nackle ("Assassin Alien") is a sadistic and brutal alien invader. Learning of Jack's human host, Nackle would gleefully have his best friend Ken Sakata run down by a car while Aki, his sister and Goh's girlfriend, is Forced to Watch. Aki herself is then murdered by being dragged behind the same car, all in an attempt to emotionally break Goh. Releasing his monster Black King, Nackle would have the monster restrain Jack while the alien spends several minutes brutally beating the hero unconscious, before parading his battered body around Japan, then back to his home planet to be executed. Nackle then has MAT brainwashed and forced to capture one another, before trying to have them execute Goh when he escapes back to Earth. When finally mortally wounded, Nackle dies laughing in Jack's face that his final weapon will take all of Japan with him. Despite his defeat, his near victory would loom over Earth for the rest of the series by inspiring many other aliens to try their hand.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Oka. See below.
    • Among the monsters, we have Gudon, Twin Tail, Bemstar, Alien Nackle, and Black King. To a lesser extent, Muruchi, as his episode is considered one of the all-time best of the Ultra Series.
  • Fair for Its Day: Even though the show kept her in the background, M.A.T. Team Member Oka was one of the toughest teammates in any Ultra show of the era. How tough? She singlehandedly fought off her Brainwashed and Crazy male counterparts not once but twice in the same episode.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Not funny but upbeat to begin with, the Theme Music Power-Up's name becomes sad in retrospect considering Ultraman Jack's defeat (and near death) at the hands of Black King and Alien Knackle happened at twilight.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Bemstar swallowing a space station wasn't scary enough back then, until it was retread with Silver Bloome 3 years later, who did the same to the show's entire attack team as a Darker and Edgier entry for the Ultra Series.
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  • Iron Woobie: Hideki Goh
  • Narm Charm: The English dub of the first four episodes is either this or utterly unlistenable.
  • Seasonal Rot/ Tough Act to Follow: Many fans feel that the series should have ended with the Alien Nackle/Black King two-parter (considered to be among the best episodes of the Ultra Series), as the remaining episodes had lackluster writing and special effects, as well as excessive alien invader storylines.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The opening theme is essentially Koichi Sugiyama's(yes, that Koichi Sugiyama) version of the original Ultraman theme song.
  • What an Idiot!: Why, oh why, no matter how dire the situation, did you fly into the sun, Ultraman? Who do you think you are, Ultra Seven? Go back to Earth, indeed!
    • However one could argue that Jack was simply trying to absorb more energy from the sun since that is how Ultras stay alive.
      • Fine, except Seven (who, by the way, is the only Ultra who successfully did just that — Episode 25 of Ultraseven) doesn't even have to share a human body with anybody else; Dan IS Seven in human form, and even he had to deal with extreme cold, a missing Ultra Eye, and energy spent just transforming and flying off. Plus, Jack couldn't even let himself be visible until he "possessed" Goh (check out Episode 1), and you have a severely weakened Jack in a polluted Earth with an enemy that wore him out desperately trying to do something a peer of his with no such problems barely managed to do, and you have a recipe for disaster.
      • It should be noted that Ultra Seven can last longer in Earth's atmosphere than virtually other Ultras in the franchise save for Gaia and Nexus, so naturally it would make sense for him to store more energy in his body. Ultras have required to possess humans to stay on Earth safely, Jack really isn't that different. Not to mention Jack is the only Ultra in the franchise to actually survive being torn to shreds (while being frozen no less).
  • The Woobie: Jiro Sakata. Poor kid...


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