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Nightmare Fuel / OneShot

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[Hello. This is One Shot's Nightmare Fuel page.]

  • The game knows your name.
  • There are many notes scattered around the Barrens. One in particular is a suicide note, left by someone who didn't want the darkness to claim them after the sun had gone out.
  • When wandering around in the gas vent area of the Barrens, Niko can find a note. A group of explorers had found the area at one point, but they didn't have gas masks. The note simply says "They failed", implying they didn't make it back alive.
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  • The odd, glitchy squares you see everywhere seem pretty harmless. They look weird, but aren't causing any actual damage. Then you discover that it destroys walkways and disables elevators. At least it's not hurting anybody, right? Then you get to the factory, where you see that it mangles robots and/or messes with their programming. Sometimes it takes more than an arm or a leg. Worse, Refuge has the highest number of these anomalous sightings. If a person were to get caught in one of them...
  • The deterioration of the Glen. It used to all be one piece, but now it's a disjointed mess. And soon it will all sink into the water.
  • In the Refuge apartments you'll find some rooms that you can just barge into. In one of them is a silent girl, who seems to own a cute stuffed penguin. Said doll makes a very... disturbing sound, almost on par with the weird spinning ram in the Glen.
  • If you choose so, you may save and quit at any time by X-ing out instead of using a bed. Meanwhile, Niko immediately sees everything go pitch black. They can't hear you, and the sun can't light things up. It's over quick, no matter how long you're gone, but to them, everything just ceases to be. And it terrifies them.
    • It's even worse in the original version as it straight up causes the worst ending. The unsettling atmosphere and the "You killed Niko." message. No wonder this ending was removed from the Steam release.
      • The way it adds the broken sun and that unsettling music when you attempt to launch the game again is just as bad.
  • Once you get either ending, unless you know how to get New Game Plus with the remake, the game pretty much no longer works. One ending has Niko literally walk out of the game, and it suggests they're unlikely to walk back into it, and the other suggests they're stranded in the dying world. Alternatively, if one goes and considers that the Unreliable Narrator is a Death Seeker, it can potentially change the endings dramatically: If Niko saves the world, then everyone gets a new chance to restore the world (as Silver implies) and with Niko accepting living the rest of their live there with only the narrator being left unhappy until this sun breaks as well. Or shatter the bulb, dooming the world and everyone in it with a Cessation of Existence.
    • Actually, there is a way, but it's not easy. You have to manually edit the registry on your computer and delete the data it wrote for the game, effectively bypassing the one try you really have and the ending you got, washing you off the guilt, but it's a risky move.
  • When Niko leaves the bulb with Maize, the bulb has gone out by the time Niko returns and only begins glowing again when they touch it. That could mean that if Niko saves the world and installs the sun, that they can never leave the sun's side because without them, it will go out. It could also further explain why the previous sun had went out: the last messiah died and thus their sun couldn't shine anymore by default.


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