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Nightmare Fuel / Night at the Museum

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This trilogy where all the museum exhibits come to life has quite a ton of laughs, but of course, there are quite some genuinely scary factors.As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Night at the Museum:

  • There's a moment in the opening credits where the camera lingers over Attila's exhibit, slowly zooming in toward the Hun's face almost as if he'll suddenly come to life and scream at the viewer. The music turning sinister doesn't help either.
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  • The jumpscare with Rexy who chases Larry through the hall.
  • The scene with the Huns chasing Larry and trying to open the lift where he’s hiding with an axe.
  • The scene with faceless mannequins depicting Civil War soldiers fighting looks quite unnerving.
  • Teddy warns Larry that he must make sure no exhibit sets foot out of the museum, otherwise they'll turn to dust if the sun rises while they're outside. Later, Dexter the monkey opens a window and a caveman sees a bonfire outside and jumps out. Larry sees the open window and the sun just about to rise and he rushes to save the caveman, but it's too late. The caveman dissolves into dust, which a passing street sweeper then vacuums up.
  • This overlaps with Fridge Horror, but the scene where Teddy shows Larry Ahkmenrah's tomb and the tablet and explains how it works. The sarcophagus is shaking the entire time, and the audience can hear Ahkmenrah's screams, which Teddy chastises him for:
    Teddy: (to Ahkmenrah in his sarcophagus) That's enough, Pharaoh! You've been in there for fifty-four years, and you're not getting out tonight!
    • Essentially, Ahkmenrah has been conscious and completely aware for those 54 years, and he can't get out until Larry lets him out late in the film. Additionally, it sounds like the other exhibits had little sympathy for him when they heard him screaming.
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    • The implication in the novelization is that the exhibits were simply following the orders of the Security Guards, which is why no-one protests or makes a comment about Ahkmenrah being out after Larry frees him.

Battle of the Smithsonian:

  • Kahmunrah trapping Jedidiah in an hourglass, essentially dooming him to be buried alive unless Larry deciphers the tablet.
    Larry: Look, I don't even know how to begin deciphering this tablet, I don't!
    Kahmunrah (mockingly) Oh, what a pity. And your little cowboy friend seemed like such a charming fellow. Ah well. Tick tock, Mr. Daley. Your hour has begun.


Secret of the Tomb:

  • There's a small, funny but also slightly disturbing moment when Jed and Octavius fall down the ventilation shaft. Everyone is understandably worried that the heat will kill them, with the exception of Ahkmenrah, who just stands there calmly, nonchalantly stating that the heat will "bake them like tiny little scarabs in the Sinai". Everyone silently stares at him incredulously. His only response is "Too dark?"
  • The way the Roman statues at the British Museum shamble around with their missing limbs is quite unnerving. They almost look like grievously wounded soldiers after a battle.
  • Ahkmenrah turning back into a mummified corpse at the film's climax. [1]