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Nightmare Fuel / Hostel

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  • Just the idea that you could go backpacking anywhere and find yourself pulled into a torturous hell will make you rethink going backpacking, let alone travel anywhere.
  • The director's cut ending: Paxton kidnaps the Dutch businessman's daughter to get revenge on him. That alone puts Adult Fear all over, even if the Dutch businessman did some horrendous shit.
  • Josh's torture scene. After passing out in his hostel room, Josh wakes up in a strange room only able to see though a small peephole from a bag on his head. After seeing some very unpleasant looking tools on a table, a figure walks in and, completely disregarding his pleas, drills several holes into Josh's body. Worse yet, the man turns out to be the Dutch Businessman, with whom Josh had a heartfelt conversation with just a day before, only this time, he has completely 180ed into an complete psychopath, who monologues about how he was robbed of his job to "connect with nature" (a term he used when talking to Josh and his friends) as a surgeon. When Josh once again begs to be set free, the Businessmen leans over, does something obviously very painful to Josh, then releases him from his chair. Josh gets up to walk, but comes crashing to the floor as his Achille's tendons have been sliced wide open, and he tries to crawl to the exit, but is dragged back by the Businessman. When Josh pleads for his life, even offering to pay the man to let him go, the Businessman says that he can't be paid, because he is the one paying the money for his torture, before finishing Josh off as the screen fades to black.
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  • The American Client. He appears for only a brief moment, but between his casual chat with Paxton about how much of a thrill it is to torture innocent people, and how completely unhinged he shows he is all the while, it's definitely a moment nobody would want to experience.
  • The scene where Paxton rescues Kana from the aforementioned American client. The scene starts out with some bloodcurdling screams that Paxton hears from outside the factory, which he just can't ignore even though he has the perfect chance to escape. After busting into Kana's torture chamber, he catches the client casually torching her face away, simply telling Paxton to get his own room. Paxton shoots the psycho dead, but discovers too late that he has already burned half of Kana's face into a crisp, with her right eye melted out of it's socket. As Kana wails in agony, Paxton, unable to communicate with her, regretfully decides to clip off her eyeball. What happens next is roughly a minute of Kana screaming in pain, and Paxton hesitating to snip off her eye, giving the viewer plenty of time to cover their eyes before he finally does, resulting in thick, yellow pus leaking out of the poor girl's eye socket. All things considered, this is the scene many people remember from this movie, whether they want to or not.

Hostel: Part II:
  • The Bloodbath scene. Dear God, the bloodbath scene. Starting out with a horrifically distressed looking Lorna hanging upside down, the man who she had fallen in love with has her placed over a small bathtub, then coldly kisses her on the forehead before he and his men leave the room. Lorna is then left weeping in an ominously candlelit room, before a woman named Mrs. Bathory enters the room, disrobes, then climbs into the tub. Using a long scythe, the woman then rubs Lorna's body with the tip of the blade, rips her gag off, then listens to the girl plead for her life, which seems to arouse her as she starts slashing at Lorna's back with the scythe. We're then treated to Lorna loudly screaming in pain as her blood starts spewing all over Bathory, who starts to touch herself as she literally bathes in the blood. Bathory then picks up another scythe and slices Lorna's throat, spraying enough blood to douse one of the candles on the rim of the tub. Yeah, it's as terrifying as it sounds.

Hostel: Part III"
  • Nikki's death, holy hell. She's strapped down on a table, and rendered helpless as a jar full of cockroaches is opened, with the little bastards crawling all over her and eventually in in her mouth, suffocating her.

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