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Nightmare Fuel / Home on the Range

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This is one yodeler you don't want to piss off!
  • Alameda Slim can be pretty intimidating despite his annoying giggle.
    • Slim is one guy you most definitely don't wanna get angry. His temper is so great he attempts to swipe a hot branding iron at his nephews.
  • The scene where Slim hypnotizes the cattle gives us another classic Disney Acid Sequence. It's done in a goofy manner, but it's a bit unsettling nonetheless.
  • The flash flood scene is pretty intense. A thunderstorm forms and a flash flood races toward Maggie, Calloway and Grace, who desperately try to search for high ground. A huge wave then forms and swipes them away, and Maggie sinks below the surface. Calloway barely manages to save her and bring her to safety.
  • The locomotive crashing off the tracks into Patch of Heaven.
    • The build up to the scene is just as harrowing, as the three cows realize they're going too fast to stop.
    Mrs. Calloway: Oh, quick! The breaks!
    Maggie: No time for that!
    Grace: But won't we jump the tracks?!
    Maggie: We are making our own tracks!
    Mrs. Calloway: This is going to be messy! (pulls her hat over her eyes)

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