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Fridge / Home on the Range

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Alameda Slim and his nephews took over a place called Echo Mine. Of course a place called "Echo Mine" would be Slim's hiding place of choice. He loves the sound of his own voice.

Fridge Horror

  • We last see the Willie Brothers, Mr. Wesley and Rico get their butts kicked by the animals and locked in the train car. Assuming they're never found by the authorities, are those five villains gonna starve to death in that boxcar?

Fridge Logic

  • The auctioned farms Alameda bought as "Yancy O'Del" should not be legally binding since he bought them under false pretenses. Unless "Yancy O'Del" is registered as an actual person or alternate name, which would be counter intuitive, any contract he entered into should be null and void. At the very least, the land should return to the bank; at best the previous owners. But this is never shown to happen.

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