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Nightmare Fuel / Heart of the Woods

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This isn't even the scariest thing in Eysenfeld.

  • Late in Chapter 1, Morgan offers to take Madison and Tara out to show them something, but they end up being caught in a freak snowstorm and have to run into the church to avoid freezing to death. Madison then looks outside and sees the giant forest spirit pictured above. It turns out that the forest spirit isn't evil, but it's definitely scary-looking.
    • As mundane as it is compared to later events, the snowstorm itself is genuinely pretty suspenseful, thanks to the music and pacing.
  • At the end of Chapter 2, Madison worries that Tara is caught in a blizzard, and runs after her, only to realize that she ran after an illusion. She spends the last few minutes of her life freezing to death, desperately wanting to get back to her best friend, her family and her cat.
    • There's also the moment when the illusion of Tara turns around to reveal she has no face.
  • In Chapter 4 Evelyn magically controls Morgan and forces her to destroy the oldest of the ancestral trees of the forest. It's not just the horror of Morgan losing control of her body (complete with her speaking in some garbled language) and being forced to do something so horrible, it's the way describes hearing the forest screaming in pain all around her.
  • Not long after the above scene, Madison and Abigail are horrified to discover Alma, the fawn that Abigail befriended, covered in gaping wounds. There aren't any visuals, but the text describes the injuries as being as if the poor little deer's body simply "opened up," a casualty of the damage to the forest.
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  • Towards the end of the chapter Maddie begins to flicker in and out of existence due to the intense damage to the forest's power. This is represented by both the visuals and the music suddenly cutting to black and pure silence.
  • In the climax of the game, Evelyn's body, for lack of a better phrase, seems to start falling apart as she prepares to transfer her soul to Tara's body. The way blood pours out of her mouth (even as she grins) is unsettling enough, but even more unsettling is the way her eyes seem to start melting, with her pupils seemingly liquifying and oozing down her face like tears.
  • During the confrontation in the fairy grove in the true ending, Evelyn uses another illusion to make Maddie believe that she killed Tara, Morgan, and Geladura. Abigail is eventually able to help Maddie snap out of it, but her despair and the description of the corpses makes the horror palpable.

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