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Good luck with that, Morgan.

  • The demo has some additional scenes in which a chibified Tara and Madison provide commentary on missing scenes or what may change in the final product.
    • In the first scene, Tara asks Madison why she's wearing her winter coat indoors. Madison fires back that Tara is the sort who gets her hair dyed at a salon then cuts it herself.
    • In the second scene, Tara makes a Mythology Gag about how the game was originally going to be about time travel, but Madison points out that no one besides the writers will get it.
    • In the fourth scene, Tara says that since she isn't there in the actual story, Abigail should be introducing them, but Madison says they don't have a chibi sprite for Abigail. Then Tara comes out with a Stylistic Suck drawing of Abigail.
    Tara: (doing an Abigail impression): Hey, it's me, Abigail! I'm really spooky and I just loooooooove Maddie so much! I'm so glad we're dating now!
    Madison: Just roll the damn scene.
    • In the final scene, Tara asks the player to like, comment and subscribe, only for Madison to tell her that it isn't how a demo works, and Tara's getting the demo confused with her livestream.
    • Tara mentions that the full version has incentives for people to check it out, since Tara will show up more and Morgan is another pretty face to look at.
    Madison: Can you at least wait until the demo's done to thirst over a girl you just met, please?
  • In Chapter 1, Morgan offers to show Madison and Tara something special, causing Tara to try to guess what it is.
    Tara: I think I've narrowed it down. It's either a crashed UFO, the fountain of youth, or Elvis.
    Madison: Those are the ones you've narrowed it down to?
    Tara: Someday, Mads, it's gonna be Elvis. And you're going to wish you believed me.
  • Early on Maddie tells Tara not to get her hopes up about Eysenfeld being super rustic and antiquated. It’s even funnier with voice acting, as Allie Goodell puts on a silly accent.
    Tara: And here I thought I’d get a chance to show off how amazing I’d look in a top hat.
    Maddie: I’m sure you’d be the teen heartthrob of the Victorian era.
  • Tara and Maddie's first meeting with Morgan is pretty funny overall. After all the time Tara spends bracing herself for Morgan’s geeking out, it’s clearly a bit of a blow to her ego how subdued and calm the other girl turns out to be. Even worse, Maddie actually seems to elicit more of a reaction out of Morgan.
    • Maddie notices Tara “accidentally” flex at Morgan while getting her bags.
    • Morgan’s “ride” for Tara and Maddie turns out to be a horse drawn carriage. Small problem, though: Tara is absolutely terrified of horses. She tries to play it cool, but it’s blatantly obvious how freaked out she is.
    • The moment Morgan brings up Geladura:
    Morgan: There’s also my cat.
    Tara: Your cat is a supernatural occurrence?
    Morgan: She can talk, so I’d say so.
    • Astoundingly, Tara goes right along with it. She even asks if she can try any “special Eysenfeld cat food” Morgan might be feeding her.
  • A throwaway line reveals Tara filmed a Taranormal episode on “Bigfoot’s effect on the Great Depression.” What’s even better is that it’s apparently one of Morgan’s favorite episodes.
    Morgan: I had never heard of the theory that FDR was a cousin of Sasquatch.
    Tara: To be fair, I don’t think FDR did either.
  • Morgan saying she left the heater on in the cabin prompts this incredible exchange:
    Tara: That’s what I like to hear! You’re like Prometheus.
    Maddie: I’m surprised you know who that is.
    Tara: Why? I loved that movie.
  • Maddie hears Tara scream bloody murder and runs into the living room, only to discover that’s just Tara’s reaction to realizing there’s no phone signal or wi-fi. The kicker is, in spite of Maddie being the more mature one, she actually is pretty horrified to realize this too.
  • Morgan nearly scares poor Maddie out of her skin not once but twice by rapping on her window late at night.
    Maddie: You couldn't knock?
    Morgan: I did.
  • In Chapter 2, Madison apparently got a weird look from the person running the bookstore when she bought a book of baby names. Even Abigail wonders whether Madison's pregnant before Madison explains why she bought the book- so Abigail can give Madison her name.
  • In Chapter 3, Geladura finally talks for the first time around Tara. When she asks if Geladura can talk, Geladura says "No."
  • Tara trying- emphasis on trying- to cook for Morgan, and the rather disastrous results, leading to the pictured line.
  • In Chapter 5, there's a bit of Black Comedy as Tara apologizes for how she acted toward Madison, saying she "shouldn't have frozen (her) out like that." Madison, who froze to death, says, "Maybe a bad choice of words there, Tara."
  • Even the ending in which Morgan dies has a moment of levity when Madison proposes ordering Hawaiian pizza in order to bridge the gulf between her and Tara.
  • The good ending has its share of these moments.
    • Tara gets annoyed with Madison and Abigail's Sickeningly Sweethearts routine, but Morgan simply decides that she and Tara can just outdo them.
    • Abigail turns out to be a Big Eater after spending two centuries not eating anything.
    • In a Brick Joke from early in the game, Tara asks Abigail if she's going to show them Elvis. Madison exasperatedly asks if Tara will ever let that go, while Abigail asks who Elvis is.
    • Tara, realizing that Abigail, as a ghost, doesn't have any documentation, decides to forge government documents for her.
    • Considering all the trouble Tara gets up to, you'd imagine that she'd have more than a little alcohol tolerance, right? Not according to Madison, who points out that Tara falls off the bar stool or passes out after two drinks.
  • "I Told You So" has quite a few such moments.
    • In "Trick or Truth," Madison is rather fond of the name "AbiGayIRL" and Tara says that if she befriends an Abigail, she'll make her use that name on every website. Madison wonders where they'll find someone named Abigail who has zero web presence.
    • Also from "Trick or Truth," Tara embarrasses Madison by mentioning her crush on the barista, that Madison is "a sucker for pink hair," and that if she found someone who naturally has that hair (i.e. Abigail) she'd be "set for life." Madison frantically tells June that Madison "has no idea what she's talking about."
    • Toward the end of "Trick or Truth," Madison ruins the Added Alliterative Appeal of "Madison's Monstrous Movie Monologue," by insisting that Tara call them "films" instead, then starts going off on a rant about The Thing as the episode ends.
    • In, "Stay Spooky, Maddie," After Madison quits Taranormal to finish her film studies degree and spend more time with Abigail.
    Tara: As you can see, Mads has her priorities straight. Well, not straight, obviously, but you know what I mean.
    Morgan: Priorities gay.
    Tara: This guy gets it.
    • When "I Told You So With Tara & Morgan" debuts its new name, Madison is surprised.
    Madison: Wait, hang on. You actually told me that title was a joke. You aren't actually going with that, are you?
    Tara: You bet your ghost-loving ass I am.
    • Tara says that there are so many reasons to tune in to her new show that she can't name them all.
    Morgan: And it's not because she's making them up as she goes along.
    Tara: Of course not. Preparedness is my middle name.
    Abigail: I thought it was Muriel.

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