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Madison Raines. College dropout. Manager of Taranormal. Temporary Fairy Queen.

  • Tara, with Madison's help, manages to establish an extremely successful YouTube channel on a niche topic. The success goes to her head at times, but she's earned it.
  • Morgan rather succinctly calls Tara out on her hypocritical behavior toward Madison- freezing her out despite still wanting her around- in such a way that Tara's angry rant is cut short and she's left at a loss for words. This doesn't immediately solve Madison and Tara's feud, but it's a rather impressive step on Morgan's part.
  • When Abigail was sacrificed to Evelyn, she chose not to resist or demand that someone else take her place. Instead, she stood by her decision to sacrifice herself for her sister, even if her sister didn't appreciate her sacrifice. Because of this, Abigail was the one sacrifice whose soul was able to remain intact after the ritual, thus enabling her to live on as a ghost.
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  • Madison choosing to become the Fairy Queen in order to put a stop to Evelyn's plans. She goes from being unwilling to believe that anything out of the ordinary is happening in Eysenfeld to doing what she must to save a world she's only just learned about.
  • In the climax, Madison gives a rather effective Shut Up, Hannibal! to Evelyn, as she speaks with her for the first time since Evelyn murdered her.
    Evelyn: So it's you. I see that even death didn't want you. And now here you are. Stinking of snow and pine. Stinking of them. You wear their clothes. You bear their crown. But you are not one of them.
    Madison: You're right. I'm not. Just like you'll never be a human.
  • In the good ending path, Evelyn tries to break Madison's spirit with a vision of all her friends dead, but Abigail intervenes, helping Madison to see that this is an illusion.
    "I should've known. They were just more illusions. It's always illusions with her. I almost fell for the same trick twice."
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  • Madison returns the magic to Geladura, finally allowing her to resume her reign as the Fairy Queen. With her magic, Geladura promptly curb-stomps Evelyn, saving the day.
  • Even the bad endings have moments like this.
    • In the ending in which Morgan dies, she manages to pull a Heroic Sacrifice to defeat Evelyn by tackling her and jumping into the lake together. She dies hoping that her "mother" will understand how much Morgan hates her just by seeing the look in her eyes in their final moments.
    • In the ending in which Geladura dies, she is able to defeat Evelyn with the last of her strength, showing that she's more than a match for the Moonsick One despite being weakened.
  • In "The lady of the lake" ending mentioned in the art book, Morgan takes Madison's place as Fairy Queen by saying that Madison promised to give the fairies a queen, not to become one, as well as being related by blood to Evelyn.
  • In a meta example, the fact that the creators were able to run a successful Kickstarter campaign to add voice acting in a post-release patch.

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