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Nightmare Fuel / Deep Blue Sea

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  • Most of the shark kills, but Scoggins's in particular: he gets bitten in half, and then we get a shot of his left foot still twitching as his lower torso drifts through the water.
  • How about Jim Whitlock, the lead scientist who was strapped to the gurney and used as an underwater Battering Ram by a shark to break the observation window? Made ten times worse by the fact that that he was not only still alive because of his oxygen mask, but awake. *shudders*
    • Pay attention to him, and you'll see him struggling to get off the gurney. He knows what's going to happen to him, he's visibly scared, and he can't do a damn thing about it. Right before impact you can see him close his eyes.
  • As the image shows, the sharks being giant Shortfin Mako sharks instead of the more often used Great Whites arguably gives them even more of a nightmarish visage than many movie sharks before and since.
    • What makes them even scarier is they don't look like traditional shortfin Makos either, but rather like a mix of a Great White and a Mako - they have the general outline and appearance of Great Whites, but the thinner snout and pointed, jagged teeth of Makos.
  • Everyone talks about the shot of Franklin getting grabbed by a shark mid-speech, the iconic scene of the movie. But that's not the entire scene. Right after the character's react in shock, we get a shot of the Female carrying him off in her jaws. We actually see him struggling pushing his hands on her snout, only for one of the other sharks to come up, grab him by the head and shoulders and the two yank him apart like a wishbone. The music during this scene, a hellish cacophony of horrifying vocalizations, doesn't help.