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  • After Aquatica is rocked by the helicopter crash on the surface, Preacher falls over and lands near a small bottle of cooking wine.
  • Pretty much any word that comes out of Preacher's pet parrot's mouth:
    Parrot: Feed me, asshole!
  • When the Preacher is trapped in the oven with an angry shark banging into its door, a viewer could easily envision the oven turning on as a thing that might happen, but you'd be forgiven for thinking that the filmmakers wouldn't do something that outrageous. Lo and behold...
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  • The beginning of the movie has a young doctor speaking fondly of one of her co-workers, "the smartest man who ever lived."
    Franklin: He's pissing into the wind.
  • When Dr. Whitlock's arm gets bitten off by one of the sharks, it's hilarious in a Narmy way to hear one of the doctors attending to him say "He's hemorrhaging!"
  • As the final tunnel is flooded, Preacher starts reciting Psalm 23... And then puts a gangsta spin on the last part ("because I carry a big stick and I'm the meanest motherfucker in this valley! Can I get an amen?")
    • And the other two give him that amen, repeatedly.
  • Raiding the deceased Janice's quarters for batteries for underwater flashlights, Scoggins asks "Where would a girl keep her (makes vibrating noise) thing?" Preacher is disgusted by his lack of tact.
  • Scoggins and Preacher are marveling at how little time has passed since the sharks started attacking them, and Preacher explains relativity quite eloquently.
    Preacher: Put your hands on a hot plate, a second can seem like an hour. Put your hands on a hot woman, an hour can seem like a second. It's all relative.
    Scoggins: I spent four years at CalTech, and that's the best damn physics explanation I ever heard.

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